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Keen Gayle's a model employee.

G AYLE Snipe works long hours and weekends to get her job done - but she wouldn't have it any other way.

As company secretary of Smethwick-based Picture Pride Displays she tours the country trying to sell the firm's display cabinets to owners of collections as diverse as mousetraps and rosettes.

Every other Sunday Gayle can be found at collectors' exhibitions throughout Britain spearheading the firm's sales drive.

But Gayle says she loves her regular excursions, which she carries out on top of a full working week.

"I really enjoy it. It's great to be able to get out and see a bit of the country as part of your job," she said.

The 26-year-old from Smethwick joined the firm five years ago after being made redundant from her job as a telephonist at a local metal factory.

As the public face of the firm, it's her job to look after people who visit the company's showroom or attend the exhibitions.

She says that's the thing she enjoys most.

"It is really satisfying to be able to help the public when they come to the showroom or if I meet them out on the road," she said.

"My job means I meet a lot of different people and it's great to be able to chat with them about what they collect. At times it almost seems as if you never meet the same person more than once.

"It is good to be able to help them find the type of display cabinet they are looking for because we have such a wide variety."

Gayle says the job came along at just the right time for her.

She said: "After I was made redundant I was out of work for six months. I saw the advert for a job here in a paper and just decided to go for it.

"I was really nervous when I first got the job, but I have learned so much about computers and speaking to people. I have really enjoyed it here because everyone gets on so well."

One thing she didn't bargain for when she got the job was to become a collector herself.

"It does draw you in and now I collect toy cars. I have about 140 Lledo models in a cabinet at home. It is an enjoyable hobby and I can see how people would get so engrossed in it."
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:May 17, 1998
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