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Kecol eliminate "hand-ladling" at Czech snack food producers.

Kecol Pumps Ltd has supplied two "Maxiprime" Pump Systems to a snack food manufacturer in the Czech Republic, which has replaced messy "hand-ladling" operations and eliminated the need to stop production, whilst the hoppers on a biscuit enveloping machine were re-filled.

The application was to transfer two high viscosity ingredients, a fruit paste and yoghurt, both approximately 550,000 Centipoise viscosity, from 200 litre open top drums to two independent hoppers feeding a biscuit enveloping machine.

Prior to installing the Kecol Maxiwime System, the viscous fruit paste and the yoghurt had to be scooped out manually and carried to the hoppers on the biscuit enveloping machine. This involved two people and meant that the machine had to be stopped frequently whilst the hoppers were re-filled, resulting in lost production.

The solution, from Kecol, was two Maxiprime Systems, H800 Series, polished stainless steel construction with Kecol air operated Piston pumps, Model H 16075STS, which transfer the viscous fruit paste and yoghurt from 200 litre drums to the machine hoppers.

Kecol also supplied two level control systems that maintain the level of products in the machine hoppers, together with specially designed product distribution manifolds that ensure even distribution within the hoppers.

A follower plate on the Maxiprime system helps to keep the Kecol Piston pump primed and also wipes the inside of the 200 litre open top drums as it descends in the drum. The yoghurt is contained within an aseptic liner bag, within the drums, which means that the follower plate has to work within the bag. This is achieved without causing damage to the bags and also wipes them clean, resulting in minimum product wastage and maximum cost savings.

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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