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Byline: Kaye Adams

I'VE never been one for fitness videos.When it comes to workouts, I'm big on hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

It seems to me if your natural inclination is to settle in the cosy living room, staring at the box to get your exercise rather than getting yourself out of the house for a walk or a run, you might as well stick the Sound of Music on, arm yourself with a packet of biscuits and be done with it.

At least, that was my view until I had a good feel of Claire Sweeney's upper abdomen - she's very easy-going that way - the words 'rock' and 'hard' spring to mind.

I pulled my hand back like I'd just been electrocuted. "How the hell did you do that?"

?' was my only response.

Not that I'm saying she hasn't always been in good shape, she wears a frock well, that one, but she is looking seriously fit now.

I so wanted her to tell me she'd been to see a hypnotist cum aromatherapist who'd cast a magic spell on her and tightened all her muscles in her sleep, but sadly she credits a sensible diet, cardiovascular work and Pilates.

Mind you, as she was explaining it, she was topping up her wine glass and dipping great big, thick, home-made chips in ketchup so it didn't seem all bad.

Cut to a Chinese meal with Gabby Logan, queen of the Champions League and proud mother of adorable, three-month-old twins. Surely, I would find greater comfort here. A woman who gave birth to two six-pounders in the middle of the summer has just got to have the odd jelly roll here and there.

What a disappointment. No point in even jabbing a finger into her midriff because it was clear it would just bounce off.

Guess what, it's down to a sensible diet and a mix of cardiovascular work and core strength training. At least they've had the decency to make fitness DVDs. Claire's is called Perfect Fit and Gabby's is Twin Results - Looking Good, Feeling Fantastic, both are out on Boxing Day, at which point I will remove the Sound of Music from the DVD player and get cracking


Working out: Gabby; Logan had twins three months ago but you would never know it
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 12, 2005
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