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Kautz, August V. (1828-1895).

American army officer. Principal wars: U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848); Civil War (1861-1865). Principal battles: Peninsula campaign (near Richmond) (1862); Knoxville (1864); Petersburg (Virginia) (1864-1865); Appomattox (1865).

Born in 1828; served as a private soldier in the Mexican War; entered West Point and graduated (1852); saw service in the Pacific Northwest; returned to the East after the start of the Civil War (April 1861); fought in the Peninsula campaign (April-July 1862); involved in operations against Confederate Gen. John H. Morgan's spectacular raid into Indiana and Ohio (June-July 1863); served under Burnside around Knoxville (September-December 1863); brigadier general of volunteers (April 1864); he commanded cavalry operations for Gen. Benjamin Butler's Army of the James during the early stages of Grant's campaign against Richmond and Petersburg (April-June 1864); his cavalry division was driven from its position with some loss when Longstreet's Corps attacked at White's Tavern (near Richmond) (October 7); led his division during pursuit of Lee to Appomattox (April 2-9, 1865); served on the trial board of the Lincoln assassination conspirators (May-June); saw extensive frontier duty in the southwest (1865-1891); retired (1892); died 1895. <BL>

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