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Kate's an arresting sight for DCI; Best of this week's TV A messy love triangle could be in the offing after DI John Keenan's dashing new boss takes a fancy to his vivacious wife at a party HOLBY BLUE THURSDAY, BBC1, 8pm.

NEW! The cop show spin-off adds more spice to the mix as it starts a second series with added sexual tension and a story that crosses over from medicated soap Holby City for the first time.

Zoe Lucker did enough smouldering in Footballers' Wives to last most actresses a lifetime but she's at it again in this series as civilian staffer Kate Keenan, screen wife of the drama's Scottish star Cal MacAninch.

Apotentially dangerous liaison starts with Kate enjoying a drink at a police party while her husband DI John mingles. Then a good-looking stranger spots her alone and moves in to chat her up. Kate is taken aback but flattered by the attention.

What she doesn't know is that she is flirting with her husband's new boss, DCI Scott Vaughan, played by new cast member OliverMilburn.

Oliver says:"Scott sidles up to Kate at a party because she is on her own and she is hot.They have abig flirt, which is a big mistake.

"But Scott doesn't know that she is John's wife until he meets them both the next day at the police station. He then has to work with John knowing he's had a blatant crack at his wife.

"But the main trouble is there is a very evident sexual tension between Scott and Kate and he doesn't quite know how to handle it.

"Scott isn't one to let something like marriage get in the way of a sexual conquest. However, his new-found position and responsibility, coupled with his growing respect for John, means that he is not as predatory as he might be in other situations."

The cross-over story involves Holby City's feisty registrar, Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel).

After being sexually assaulted on Holby City last year by Alan Clooney, Jac finds herself once again face-to-face with her attacker. Full of anger and fear she threatens to kill him in front of colleagues and when Alan is found stabbed only a few hours later, Jac is arrested and brought in for questioning at Holby South station.

When Clooney dies, Jac is looking at a murder charge and her usually calm personality starts to crack under the pressure.

Jac passionately denies any involvement.But when DS Luke French (Richard Harrington) asks Jac's colleagues if they think she is capable of murder, their opinion is divided and soon Jac and her defence start to look like they are crumbling.


FATAL ATTRACTION... Sparks fly when DCI Vaughan meets Kate
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 15, 2008
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