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Kat v Alfie - grab a ringside seat.

EastEnders BBC1 No matter how many times they split up, Alfie and Kat always manage to get back together.

But when the landlord announces that he's leaving the Vic yet again - and that this time, it really is for good - Michael decides to help them patch up their differences by luring them to a dinner party at the gym.

And if it should end in another row, well, at least the table is in the middle of a boxing ring... However, it seems Michael may have been concentrating his efforts on the wrong couple, as Jack's marriage is also looking strained.

Ronnie's increasingly irrational behaviour is starting to take its toll on her husband, while Michael can't understand why she seems to hate him so much. When Ronnie then goes missing, Jack insists it's just another one of her mind games - but Roxy isn't so sure.

Hollyoaks C4 For one of the villagers, life will be changed forever this week, as the day of Gilly's rape trial finally arrives.

Jacqui's first up and as she's sworn in, Gilly nervously looks on. But as she is questioned, she's confronted by a past event that shakes her original testimony to the core.

But it swings both ways, as when Tom gives evidence in support of Gilly, he inadvertently drops the lad in it. And when Gilly finally takes to the stand, he buckles under the pressure.

As the case draws to a close, it's anybody's guess as to who's lying - but Rhys finally chooses a side.

Meanwhile, Ruby tries to get her hands on drugs for Sinead and Esther, only to find she's dumped through a text message by boyfriend Ricky. It's not a smart move on his part - after all, does he really want to feel the wrath of the three best friends? Elsewhere, Cindy plays matchmaker with Ste and Noah. The pair have a great night but it might be a bit too much for Ste, who's questioning whether he's ready to be openly gay.


PULLING NO PUNCHES... Michael and Roxy arrange a dinner party for Alfie and Kat and Jack and Ronnie
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 27, 2011
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