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Kat's having kittens; SOAP WATCH EASTENDERS.

IT'S great to see the return of one of our favourite screen couples.

After Peggy walking out, this is just what Walford needs - Kat and Alfie, back to bring a bit of life back to the Square.

Sadly - although, perhaps fortunately for storylines - they're in rather a different place from when they left five years ago, happily heading off to America.

Now they're at each other's throats and, most shockingly, Kat is pregnant - but it's not Alfie's baby!

At least she's still orange and sporting the same skintight outfits, though you may not recognise Kat on her first appearance, as she puts on a blonde wig to meet Mo in a caf. She's in disguise as she's on the run from some men Alfie scammed.

It emerges that they've been living in Spain but her husband, who's always had an eye for a dodgy deal, has been in prison. But when Mo asks him where he is, Kat says he's dead, which is a little harsh.

The men have followed them from Spain and turn up at the Slaters' house, demanding pounds 40,000. Just in the nick of time, Alfie arrives with Billy and pretends to be the police to scare them off.

It's not exactly a warm reunion.

Alfie tells his wife she's fat, to which she responds: "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant! But don't worry, it's not yours."

Alfie is shocked at first but obviously still loves Kat and says he wants to make a life with her and the baby. Will she agree? Meanwhile, Heather is thrilled to be christening George, unaware that Minty is planning on running away with Sam. Just make your mind up, mate!

Ronnie pays for Sam to go to Ibiza to get her out of the way, but the manipulative minx persuades Minty to come too - and he sneaks out of the church during the christening ceremony, the rat. Then foolishly gets in a clinch with Sam outside so heartbroken Hev can spot him.

He then decides he wants to stay with Hev, but she's been messed around once too often by the flaky mechanic.

secrets JESSIE WALLACE: Kat Moon BORN: 25/09/1971 CV: After EastEnders, Jessie starred in A Class Apart, Miss Marie Lloyd, Wild At Heart and The Road to Coronation Street. FANCY THAT: Born Karen Jane, she took her stage name from her grandmother. She was brought up by her publican father after her parents' divorce and was expelled twice.


THEY'RE BACK: Kat returns, as a blonde and with Alfie, while Hev and Minty christen George.
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