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Kaspersky Lab reveals ransomware becoming more complex.


A new report by Kaspersky Lab, an anti-virus company, has revealed that ransomware may be made so complex in the future by hackers, that it will be beyond the decryption capabilities of the anti-virus industry.

The 'Malware Evolution: April - June 2006, Hidden Wars' report from Kaspersky Lab warns that more sophisticated encryption algorithms are being used by ransomware authors.

Ransomware uses malicious code in order to hijack user files, encrypt them and then demand payment in return for the decryption key., first detected in January 2006, was the first piece of ransomware to use a sophisticated encryption algorithm, creating a 56-bit key with the RSA algorithm.

Kaspersky Lab said anti-virus companies continue working on proactive protection which would prevent users' data being encrypted or archived by malicious users. It advises that users back up documents, data and e-mail databases on a regular basis.

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Date:Jul 24, 2006
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