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Kaspersky Begins Beta Testing V 4.5 of Three Separate Products. (Virus Notes).

Kaspersky Labs Begins Beta Testing Version 4.5 of Three Separate Products. This includes testing of the new version of the Windows component package for Kaspersky Anti-Virus Business Optimal 4.5, which includes anti-virus protection for Windows servers, Windows workstations and the Kaspersky Administration Kit Kit--a management system for centralized installation and control of Kaspersky Labs products within a corporate network.

The new Windows component version for Kaspersky Anti-Virus Business Optimal has an array of substantial additions, including the implementation of iChecker technology into the memory resident anti-virus module Monitor. iChecker improves Monitor's speed and fault-tolerance.

Serious modifications were also made to the centralized management system, Kaspersky Administration Kit, that makes it possible for system administrators to install and control all Kaspersky Anti-Virus components from any networked computer. The updated Kaspersky Administration Kit 4.5 is specifically designed to provide the maximum possible effectiveness and processing speed of all anti-virus components.

The terms and procedures for taking part in beta testing can be found on the Kaspersky Labs corporate site at: More active participants will be awarded free commercial versions of the programs upon their commercial release.
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2003
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