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Kasbah Systems Aims To Improve Indian Education Management Via Cloud.

India, Jan. 10 -- IBM has announced that Kasbah Systems Software, an Indian information technology (IT) company and IBM are teaming to help universities better manage services for students and improve the overall education experience through cloud-based analytics.

Kasbah Systems has selected IBM SoftLayer to host its Genius University Management System (Genius UMS), an innovative cloud based integrated administration and management solution that consists of various fully independent functional modules, starting from admission to graduation. It has been designed to increase the efficiency of the departments in the university and provide online information to the management, staff and students. Genius UMS allows universities to create a more structured organization, increases the transaction handling capacity and improves the system of internal control.

India has more than 600 universities and 33,000 colleges, with an estimated enrollment of 27.5 million students in higher education each year. With an increasing student base and demand for better educational programs, institutions are looking for ways to improve their operational efficiency and academic performance.

Kasbah Systems Software specializes in IT services, tech consulting and product development. To address the growing need of higher educational institutions, the company developed the Genius UMS solution build on IBM SoftLayer that provides Web based information services to students and the teachers, management, and staff members that work to ensure the optimal experience at each step in their development from admissions to graduation. In addition, the solution features various modules to analyze different aspects of educational management, including assessment, examination, attendance, and accounting.

To offer more agility and speed, Kasbah System Software relies on IBM's high value SoftLayer cloud capabilities to host its Genius UMS on cloud. Genius UMS requires a significant level of computing resources and scale to analyze massive amount of data created in the institutions.

IBM SoftLayer fulfills the requirement by providing high performance server on demand, along with required speed to analyze the data in real-time. This offering seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure as well as offers services across public, private and hybrid cloud models, depending on the university.

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Publication:The CTO Forum
Date:Jan 10, 2014
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