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Karpalak blocks Prilep's mosque.

Prilep's Carshi mosque becomes a hostage of the 2001 memories, namely the murder of 11 soldiers mainly from this city near Karpalak. This is what the Muslim citizens from Prilep say, who complain that they face obstacles from the local self-government. As a sign of revenge for the massacre at Karpalak during the 2001 conflict, the mosque was set on fire by Macedonian hooligans and has thus far not been reconstructed. The talks with the local religious persons did not yield results and Prilep mufti Mustafa Topalovski stressed that the mayor of Mu-nicipality of Prilep does not give permit for the reconstruction. Topalovski also criticized the Ministry of Culture and the Macedonian Government.

"The fate of Prilep's mosque is shared by other ten Muslim religious objects and therefore we feel discriminated," Topalovski said. According to the Islamic Religious Community, there are realistically no obstacles for the reconstruction of the mosque but the Government still creates these obstacles.
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Title Annotation:Zurnal
Author:Kadriu, Ajlin
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jul 10, 2012
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