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Karner/Wells sail through 1st voyage in 50+ doubles.

Jim Karner and Mike Wells figured to make a great pairing in their first effort together. With Karner's solid game on the left and Wells as one of the best right-side players in age-group play, they looked formidable in the 50-plus doubles.

After two wins in the four-team round robin, they didn't get their chance at a sweep because William Cervantes suffered a concussion in Saturday's match. The Sunday default gave Karner/Wells the three victories they needed for the title.

The three-way tie for second was decided by total points, with Al Alvarez/Manny Resendez getting the nod.

Cervantes had been feeling a bit off leading up to the tournament--and even during. Then he fell and hit his head on the wall and floor while chasing a ball around the back court.

"I don't even know why I went down," he said.

Good news: Cervantes got checked out and was told "to take it easy for a bit."

The Karner/Wells pairing came about when neither player's partner could make the trip.

"We were disappointed about not playing on Sunday," Wells said, "but I was struggling with a hip injury."

Wells had dropped out of the singles at the last minute to concentrate on the doubles.

"Jim is very easy to play with," Wells said.

That applies to both players on that team.

1: Jim Karner/Mike Wells (Utah/Minn.) d. Al Alvarez/Manny Resendez (Calif.) 7, 14; d. Ralph Fregoso/Robert Scola (Calif./Ariz.) 10, 10;

d. William Cervantes/Mark Zamora (N.M./Calif.), def.

2: Alvarez/Resendez d. Cervantes/Zamora 15,18-19, inj. def.

3: Fregoso/Scola d. Alvarez/Resendez 15, 17.

4: Cervantes/Zamora d. Fregoso/Scola 14, 11.

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Date:Aug 1, 2019
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