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Karma is real.

Because we have forgotten the principle of karmic returns, we have learned to avoid taking responsibility for many of our actions.

We fail to see the impact of our actions upon others and we fail to see that the real meaning of responsibility is responding correctly.

Life can be seen as a series of responses, which we each create in our interactions with other people and events.

As is the quality of our ability to respond (energy given), so will be the quality of the return (energy received).

The laws of karma also serve to remind us that the situations in our life, the quality of our body, wealth, relationships etcetera and the type of person we are today are the result of what we thought and did yesterday, last month, last year.

Many people do not like this idea or find it difficult to accept because most of us have been taught that our destiny lies in someone else's hands or in the hands of fate or luck, about which we can do nothing.

The law of karma or the law of reciprocity teaches us that there is no such thing as luck and that whatever happens to us today is the result of our positive or negative actions in the past.

If you spend a few moments reflecting on events in your life, without being judgemental, you will begin to see connections between actions and results, causes and effects.

When you see how all effects have their causes, you will then be convinced that this universal law is at work in your life at all times.

Ali Al Aradi

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Aug 30, 2014
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