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Karl-Heinz Hoffmann's Secret History Links the Violent Far Right With Middle Eastern Terror.

Last month, one of Germany's most notorious neofascists, Karl-Heinz Hoffmann, made what he said would be his final public appearances, to discuss, "Judaism on German Soil Since Roman Times to the Enlightenment," "The Anti-Jewish Jews" and/or "The Political Meaning of Islam." Hoffmann is often portrayed in feature stories as something of a retired eccentric, residing with his wife, Franziska Birkmann, in Bavaria's Ermreuth Castle, where he holds court and offers his perspective on a variety of issues, including social media, the abolition of churches and unions, and the "complete transformation of the economy."

Rarely discussed outside German media is the neofascist group that Hoffman foundedthe Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann (Hoffmann Sports Group). While the group's possible connection to the Oktoberfest bombing of 1980 is common knowledge in German political circles, recent publications rarely reference Hoffmann's more notorious activities, including his alleged facilitation of a working relationship with a group of Palestinian terrorists in Lebanonpart of a network that terrorized Western Europe throughout the 1970s and '80s. A review of Hoffmann's activities and associates reveals a tangled web in which violent neo-Nazi organizations on the far right made common cause with Palestinian liberation groups who were heroes of the far left.

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Author:Izzo, Sam
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jun 18, 2019
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