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Karkheh dam in Iran can go out of control.


The volume of water release from the Karkheh dam in Iran is higher than the normal level, which is very risky, Deputy Head of Khuzestan Water and Power Organization Hamid Reza Lashkari said,Trendreports citing ISNA.

"At present, the water input to the Karkheh dam is 2,287 cubic meters per second, and the water output from this dam is 2,400 cubic meters per second," noted Lashkari.

He pointed out that conditions are not very favorable. "Given the rainfall prediction for the next weekend, empty space should be considered in dams."

"The level of water in the Karkheh dam is abnormal. Normal water level in this dam is 220 meters, while in fact it stands at 224 meters, which means 4 meters above the normal level," said Lashkari. "The highest level we can have in Karkheh Dam is 226 meters and at that level we will have no control over the water in the reservoirs."

Referring to the input and output of other dams in the province, Lashkari said that the water input to the Dez dam is currently 1,511 cubic meters per second and the water output from the dam is 2,000 cubic meters per second.

"The input rate at the Gotvand dam is 396 cubic meters per second and the output rate is 1,450 cubic meters per second," he added. "In Maron Dam, the water input is 200 cubic meters per second and the water output is 264 cubic meters per second."

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Publication:Azer News (Baku, Azerbaijan)
Date:Apr 8, 2019
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