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Not long ago, another teen mag declared, "We'll never run another dieting article again! Dieting articles make girls feel bad about themselves!"

My first thought was, If you really want to stop girls from feeling bad, why not use models who wouldn't slip down a shower drain? But since we use skinny models, too, that would have been kinda hypocritical. (FYI, we're working extra hard to include girls of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds in our photos and illustrations.)

Still, GL readers know that getting a skinny bod isn't the point this magazine tries to drive home. So what is? Basically, that eating right and taking care of yourself (yes, that means exercise!) is a great goal.

In last issue's "makebetter" article, we asked seven girls to eat healthy and follow personalized workout plans. Three months later, we're still hearing how much they're diggin' their programs. We also got a ton of letters from readers, begging for their own workout and eating plans.

Wish granted!

We went back to Dr. Josh and Scott and asked them to design a custom program just for GL girls. It's pretty results-oriented (read: you'll get whipped into shape, and not by couchin' it with a bag o' Doritos), but I am here to tell you that working out and eating better, well, works.

While I love skiing, tennis, swimming and lots of other activities, I am not exactly what you'd call a jock. That wouldn't be a big deal, except the fact that I come from a family of six Olympic and pro athletes. (Hello--I can barely run to the end of the block without needing a nap.) My diet is equally appalling. Even though my mom always made me good, healthy meals, Skittles always seemed to count as a serving of fresh fruit.

But, for the last six months, I've been trying to change. And you know what? Even though I want to bail on my workout almost every morning and it's still hard to drink water instead of that third can of Coke, I am sticking with it.

Will eating right and working out make you happier? Researchers seem to think so. Will you be able to look better in a swimsuit this summer? Possibly. But here's the real benefit: By changing your diet and exercising more, you are taking care of the most important person in the world--you!
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Publication:Girls' Life
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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