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Ya gotta feel for poor Britney Spears. Now that Justin seems to be more-than-happily dating Cameron Diaz (and who wouldn't be happy dating her?), Britney keeps bemoaning her lack of crushes. "I'm really craving just a kiss!" Brit recently confessed. "Just a kiss!"

I hear ya, sister.

I used to live for Fridays at 3;15 p.m. Why? Because that was the time when all the couples my boyfriend Peter and I hung out with would gather in the parking lot of our high school and figure out plans for the weekend. While none of us was into major PDA (because PDA is ew, to be perfectly honest), something about the related "we've got all weekend ahead of us" vibe did make my normally pretty reserved BF more likely to quickly plant one on me (in full view of his crew!).

Personally, I think kissing is great. I don't think a lot of people would disagree with me. You just need to be smart about it. Kissing is cool and special ... and should be reserved for guys who are fully worthy of lip-to-lip contact.

What makes a guy lip-worthy? Well, a great smile, silky lashes and hair you love to run your fingers through are good for starters.

But more than that, worthy guys are the ones who have earned your kisses--meaning they are respectful toward you, admiring of you and treat you like the very special person you are.

HEY, YOU! Match the guys to the LipSmackers ... and WIN!

We asked five very worthy guys (see pages 58 to 63) to tel us what makes for a perfect kiss. Read up on our kissing cuties, then log on to to see if you can match the guy to his favorite gloss. Get 'em all right, and you could win one of 25 guy-approved Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Gift Packs!
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Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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