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Karen the editor's page: (read this page or I'm toast!).

Every so often, we ask GL girls what they think of our magazine and website. After all, you are the reason we work so hard. This summer, over 5.000 girls took the time to answer our survey. And we read every one of them, trust me. So what do girls dig most about GL? The hilarious Embarrassing Moments. Our spookily accurate Star Signs. And the great advice Dear Carol, Lucky, and Bill & Dave dole out. What do girls dig least? Oh, that would be me. Girls called Karen's Page "boring," "pointless," "stupid," and the really warm-and-fuzzy "I don't care, and my friends don't either." My friend Jen watched as I was reading these and, after giving me a pitying look, all she came up with was "Geez ... sorry."

In fairness, I have a few fans. One girl found me "smart, funny and unbiased. She tells a story and also tells you how to use the lessons in real life." That's kind of what I was shooting for but, well, it's just you and me, sister! Actually, that probably was from my sister ....

The good news is that a bunch of girls made suggestions on how I could be un-boring: "Maybe it could be Karen's Tip Page or Top Ten Karen-Style." Another girl came up with, "Put something up on where girls can send in what they want Karen to write about. She could take our suggestions or turn them down. Either way, it works." Done deal!

My first question is from Madison S.: "Which celebrity who's been in GL do you like most?" Tough one. I really like Michelle Trachtenberg, really like Amber Tamblyn, really like Hilary Duff. But I love, love, love Raven. She's funny, honest, cool, nice and totally not stuck on herself. That girl needs to have her own talk show (which I told her). In a sea of too-skinny and too-blonde teen stars, Raven stands out for her realness and her smarts, What's not to Hove about that?


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Publication:Girls' Life
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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