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Karachi Electric Supply Corporation.

The Karachi Electric Supply Corporation, a private limited company, was listed with the Stock Exchange in 1913. KESC is engaged in generation, transmission & distribution of power in its licensed area of Karachi Division and Uthal and Bela of Balochistan province. The installed capacity of KESC's Generating Stations for the year 1990-91 was 1,738 MW while the actual capability was 1,650 MW as shown in Table-I. The maximum demand for KESC licenced area for the year under report was 1,200 MW as compared to 1,123 MW in the previous year. The operational statistics of the Corporation are given in Table-II.
 Installed Effective
Generation Stations (MW) (MW)
Steam Station W/W 66 50
Korangi Thermal 382 360
Site Gas Turbine 100 80
Korangi Gas Turbine Power
Bin Qasim Thermal Power
Station Unit 1 & 2 420 395
BQPS Unit-3 & 4 420 420
BQPS Unit-5
Test/Commn.) 210 210
Dual fuel 15 10
Total 1738 1650
Source: KESC
 1990-91 1989-90 Ind./
Description. MWH MWH Dec.%
Units generated KESC) 6,292,030 6,218.072 1.1 9
Units sent out (KESC) 5,851,574 5,804.972 0.80
Units purchased 703,820 610.981 15.20
Total Units available for sale 6,555,394 6,415.953 2.17
Units billed 4,969,009 5,074.399 (2.08)

The Corporation generated 6,292 GWH, compared to 6,218 GWH during the previous year, thus showing an increase of 1.19%. The contribution of KESC'S own power plants is 89.26% of the total power demand, while the remaining was purchased from KANUPP, WAPDA and Pak Steel. Of the KESC's Plants the maximum contribution came from Bin Oasim and Korangi Thermal Power station each contributing 55.72% and 33.02% as compared to 51.48% and 37.58% in 1989-90.

Village Electrification

The electrification of Villages undertaken by KESC in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan for the financial year 1990-91 is given as under:

The new connections provided in the current year are 44,218 as compared to 44,188 in the previous financial year.


2x210 MW Bin Oasim Units 3 & 4 and Associated 220 KV transmission facilities:

During the financial year 1990-91 Unit-3 was 3 put on interim operation after necessary rectification and is feeding rated power to the grid since April 1991. Unit-4, on hand, has also commenced operation and is feeding rated power to the grid.

The work of the allied transmission line is completed excepting the conductor, tenders for supply of which have already been floated. The work will be taken up in the following financial year.

210 MW Bin Oasim

Extension Unit-5:

The erection work has been completed, initial testing carried out and firing of the boiler was done on October 23, 1990 and the Unit was synchronised with the system on January 23, 1991.


210 MW Bin Oasim Extension Unit-6 and Associated 220 KV Transmission Facilities:

During the period under reference, KESC finally succeeded in getting the approval of the Project in September, 1 990. The appraisal mission of O.E.C.F. visited KESC in March 1991 and after the satisfactory appraisal KESC expected the financing Agency to pledge the finances for the project. in this regard consultants have also been appointed for review/preparation of the tender documents. If all aspects of documentation, financing and execution go according to plans, KESC expects the Commissioning of the plant in 1995.

2x210 MW West Wharf Units 1 & 2 and the Associated 220 KV Transmission facilities.

CWDP after considering the revised PC-1 decided that KESC should firm-up fuel oil storage and supply facilities near the Project site and then submit the revised PC-1.

The Corporation is making all out efforts to arrange the fuel storage facilities near the Project site and as soon as these are finalized the revised PC-1 will be submitted for consideration and approval. The tentative commissioning schedule of the two Units is 1996-97 and 1997-98 respectively.

300 MW Unit. at KTPS and Associated 220 KV Transmission Facilities

PC-ll for carrying out the feasibility study was submitted in September, 1990. In the year under report KESC has vigorously pursued the Government of Pakistan to arrange the financing for the feasibility study.
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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