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Kaneka Glavonoid [TM] novel food approval.

Following a thorough regulatory and safety inspection process by EFSA, Glavonoid [TM] has been granted Novel Food status by the European Commission. It can thus be used in food supplements and beverages based on milk, yoghurt, fruit or vegetables.

Derived from liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) via an advanced patented process, Glavonoid [TM] is absolutely free from glycyrrhizinic acid and contains 30 percent liquorice glabra polyphenols. The extract is standardized on 3 percent Glabridin, which is its major active component. As a completely novel and patented ingredient, Glavonoid [TM] is proprietary to Kaneka Corporation.

Glavonoid[TM] has proven to be effective in supporting visceral fat reduction. In DNA microarray analysis, it exhibited a two-way efficiency mechanism: On the one hand, it increases the body's own fat burning ability by up-regulating genes involved in fatty acid oxidation, and on the other, it decreases fat synthesis by down-regulating genes that are involved in fatty acid synthesis.

Kaneka's liquorice root extract Glavonoid [TM] Novel Food status means that manufacturers now have a new health ingredient for building slimming and weight management products, especially those which target visceral fat reduction. Possible claims for such products would mostly be aimed at slimming, a healthy BMI, boosting fat metabolism and supporting weight management.

Glavonoid [TM] had already been sold in Japan and the US for several years, having achieved NDI status in 2005 and FDA GRAS status in 2008. The new Novel Food status refers to the general adult population and a 120 mg Glavonoid[TM] daily consumption in milk, yoghurt, fruit - or vegetable-based beverages or food supplements.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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