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Kanegrade: in touch with nature.

Kanegrade was established in 1982 and is now widely recognised as a successful ingredient supplier offering an extensive range of natural food ingredients and natural colours to the food and flavour industries worldwide. Experience in advising a wide range of food industries including makers of snacks, soups, sauces, frozen and chilled foods and desserts, ice cream, dairy products, soft drinks, bakery, health foods, confectionery and the pharmaceutical industry results in an in-depth understanding of customer needs and requirements. Customers are encouraged to discuss their ingredient needs and problems as the range of products is constantly expanding and personal service to customers remains a priority.

The extensive range of natural colour extracts and spice extracts includes annatto, anthocyanins, beetroot, beta carotene, carmine, carbon black, chrorophylls, curcumin, lutein, paprika and sandalwood. Also included in the range are caramelised sugar syrups and malt extract which can be used to give a brown colour in a variety of applications. These products are available in a variety of strengths and in liquid or powder forms to suit customer requirements. Special forms of annatto and chorophyll for acidic systems, such as soft drinks and jellies, are also available.

Sweet ingredients include fruits, freeze dried, air dried, spray dried powders, flakes, purees, juice concentrates and esters.

An extensive range of nuts and nut products (unroasted, roasted) whole, nibbed in various sizes or in paste form are available for the bakery and confectionery industries. The constantly expanding range of speciality nut products, such as caramelised sugar coated or chocolate coated pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts together with praline and nougat granules, can also be used in frozen and chilled desserts and gateaux.

Dairy products, such as sour cream, yoghurt and cheese powders, continue to be popular items for savoury applications, such as chilled ready meals and snack products.

Included in the range of savoury ingredients are meat, fish and vegetables as freeze dried, air dried or as spray dried powders, flakes, purees, juice concentrates together with extracts available in liquid and powder form. Inactive yeast extract powders are also supplied for use as an ingredient in savoury foods, such as soups or snacks, as a mono sodium glutamate (MSG) replacer or in savoury flavour creation.

Concentrated pastes which continue to be an important ingredient in many frozen and chilled prepared foods are concentrated purees of garlic, onion, chilli, dried tomato skin, caper, anchovy, olive (green or black), together with pesto sauce. These concentrated purees are, for example, with garlic 5 to 6 times more concentrated than fresh garlic, which means they provide excellent flavour.

Also offered are natural flavour extracts made in the United States by a company called FOLEXCO, prepared from botanicals such as cocoa, coffee, St. John's Bread, fenugreek which are used in the formulation of flavours. Substantial stocks of these products are held at Stevenage for immediate delivery.

'New' products available are 'fibres' and meat proteins. The fibres are from fruits (including apple and citrus fruits) vegetables and nuts for use in adding fibre to health foods, breakfast cereals, beverages, dairy products and bakery products. The meat proteins are extracted from meat for use in seasonings to provide binding, flavour and additional protein.

Kanegrade's efficient service to the food industry, competitive prices, fast service and technical expertise continue to be key elements of the company and in order to ensure the quality standard certification to BS5750 Part 2 is being implemented.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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