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Kane-May endorse 'smoking'.

Kane-May Endorse 'Smoking'

To maintain high standards of food quality and safety whilst conforming to the ever increasing government legislation on food preparation, a fish farm near Guildford in Surrey, has introduced the very latest food check thermometer to its highly reputable operation.

Tillingbourne Trout Ltd of Albury, who product 20 tonnes of fresh and smoked fish per annum, use a Kane-May KM20 to check the temperatures of their smokers and refrigerators.

Hot-smoking trout involves brining the fish, then smoking them - first at a low temperature, (less than 40 [degrees] C) followed by a period of hot smoking, (above 82 [degrees] C) which cooks the fish. A consistently high quality product is ensured by routine control over each stage of the process.

The final product is regularly sampled for the salt, moisture content and microbiological levels by the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service.

During the smoking process, the salt concentration of the brine can easily be monitored, as can the time of each stage. By using the KM20 unit, temperatures are also easy to monitor. This is particularly important at the hot-smoking stage, where the temperature is crucial in drying the fish, producing an adequate salt level and killing potentially harmful bacteria.

Refrigeration temperatures are of equal importance in keeping a safe product. The advantage of the KM20 is its versatility, which allows easy and accurate measurement of the temperature of the fish itself. The colour coded probes allow sampling of fish at any stage, with no fear of contamination.

PHOTO : A Kane-May temperature measuring unit in use at Tillingbourne Trout's premises
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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