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Kane-May's new temperature products.

Kane-May's New Temperature Products

Kane-May Ltd of Swallowfield, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, tel: 0707 331051 have introduced a range of electronic thermometers aimed specifically at the food industry. These have been designed to feature higher accuracy and resolution in the lower temperature range, which means they are particularly suitable for chilled food preparation, storage and regeneration.

Marketed as the FoodCheck range, they include a delivery temperature recorder which provides 'accept' or 'reject' receipts for the goods inwards department; a printer/recorder that monitors temperature in five areas simultaneously; their portable FoodCheck thermometer; the 'between pack' temperature sensor; and the range of CaterCheck thermometers for checking fridges and freezers.

The printer/recorder that is part of the delivery temperature recorder provides traceable documentary evidence of quality of the goods by giving the time and date as well as the actual temperature and acceptance limits; sampling time intervals can be suitably programmed. The FoodCheck printer/recorder provides printouts showing the temperatures at five points simultaneously with a resolution of 0.1 [degree] C. Temperatures are normally logged every minute, with an alarm facility if they move outside certain limits. Their portable thermometers also have a display resolution of 0.1 [degree] C and CaterCheck range are mostly housed in stainless steel for ruggedness.

PHOTO : Kane-May Foodcheck thermometer and recorder seen in use on a delivery
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Title Annotation:Kane-May Ltd.; electronic thermometers
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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