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Kalikow, Council continue appeals.

A spokesperson for the New York City Council last week said it will go to The Court of Appeals to seek to become a party to Peter Kalikow's appeal of a lower court ruling because the decision undermined its authority granted under the city charter.

The Appellate Division of the Manhattan Supreme Court reversed a 1990 Board of Estimate decision to remove the landmark status of four buildings in Kalikow's City and Suburban York Avenue Estates apartment complex on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Kalikow had applied for the exemption to make way for a luxury residential tower.

Last week the Appellate Division denied Kalikow's request for appeal and the Council's request to intercede. Kalikow can, however, take his plea directly to the Court of Appeals, and, according to one of his attorneys, Maysre, he will exercise that right.

Peg Breen, Council spokesperson, said: "We're not carrying water for Kalikow or the Board of Estimate. We got powers from the charter and this lower court wacked them away."

Under the charter, Breen said, the Council is entitled to a legal review of landmark decisions in light of the full-range of public policy. The court ruled said that landmarking decisions could not be compromised.

If they are not permitted to become a party to the case, they will request to file a friend of the court brief, Breen said.
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Title Annotation:New York City Council to intervene on Peter Kalikow's appeal to have landmark status removed on his City and Suburban York Avenue Estates apartment complex in Manhattan, New York
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Sep 9, 1992
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