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Kaligak sees accusations of corruption against him as a witch hunt.

Interior Minister denies all accusations against him, but some reports suggest he will step down on Monday.The pressure on Interior Minister Robert Kaliak to resign intensified after prosecutor of the Special Prosecutors Office, Vasi Spirko, announced on March 8th that he was filing a criminal complaint against him and top police officers for alleged involvement in a corruption scheme.

In reaction to Spirkos accusations, Kaliak did not directly answer the question of whether he was going to resign. He labelled Spirko's statements as absurd, denied the accusations voiced by Spirko and suggested that it was peculiar that Spirko made them public just before the public gatherings.

"I really do not see how one could steal 200 million from a 16-million contract," Kaliak said as quoted by the Sme daily. Spirko, in his statement for the media earlier today, described a scheme that was meant to legalise money "earned" from corruption practices of up to Pound 200 million.

One of those cases was the order of IT devices for the Interior Ministry that Spirko described in more detail.Kaliak, much like Police Corps President Tibor Gaspar who is also among the people Spirko blew the whistle on, insisted that it was neither him nor the police who filed the criminal complaint against Spirko, but it was an ordinary person, the man whom Spirko labelled as the key witness.

"I have answered all the accusations and these arguments prove the absurdity of this accusation," Kaliak told journalists as quoted by Sme. " The statements of Mr Spirko are absolutely characteristic of a witch hunt.

"Kaliak insists that while he has been minister, not one euro has been paid out from the Interior Ministry tender that Spirko talked about.The Opposition and people who are expected to gather in the squares of Slovak cities again on Friday, have been calling on Kaliak to resign from his post.

Most-Hid, a coalition partner, said they wanted Kaliak to step down too, but left it up to Smer to act. Most-Hid leader, Bela Bugar, is expected back from holiday on Friday to start talks with his coalition partners.

Prime Minister Robert Fico said the result of the talks will be announced on Monday, or Tuesday at the latest. The SITA newswire reported that Kaliak was going to resign on Monday.

President Andrej Kiska also reacted to the accusations voiced by Spirko and branded them "exceptionally serious". He said he expects the respective prosecution bodies to look into them, his spokesperson Roman Krpelan informed, as reported by Sme.

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Publication:Slovak Spectator (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Date:Mar 9, 2018
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