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Kaks Kokka, Tallinn.

Kaks Kokka (Two Chefs) is the little brother of the restaurant O, which is managed by the two chefs Ranno Paukson and Martin Meikas, and is totally worth keeping an eye on! Kaks Kokka is a place that's constantly changing and is never exactly the same. It's not possible to define the character of Kaks Kokka by certain borderlines or compass, the basis for all this is good and fresh ingredients mostly from Estonia. At Kaks Kokka they move boundaries and feel the heights.

In the larder, 34-year-old chef Ranno Paukson points out slippery green bags of pickled ramsons (wild garlic leaves harvested from the woods) alongside stacks of wild mushrooms in boxes, waiting to be preserved, whilst shelves of alluring jars twinkle in the restaurant. It's all woods and water for the two young chefs who both grew up on the little Baltic island of Muhu off Estonia's west coast, and brought their formidable talents to Tallinn three years ago.

Salted elk is paired with Icelandic moss, pike with marinated cauliflower. There are big flavours and fabulous presentations, and behind the scenes the chefs experiment with curing lamb and creating their own black garlic.

Kaks Kokka is located near the Old Town at Mere pst 6E, Tallinn (entrance from the courtyard). For more information, call +372 661 6151 or email

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Date:Jan 30, 2018
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