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The Rise of Pea Protein: What is pea protein and why is it everywhere? May 19, 2022 563
Don't Bypass the Frozen Foods: Don't give frozen fruits and vegetables the cold shoulder. Oct 21, 2021 879
Boost Your Health with Chili Peppers: Choose chili peppers to bring more "oomph" to your meal. Sep 16, 2021 520
Can Your Diet be Too Clean? When taken too far, "healthy eating" may no longer be good for you. Sep 16, 2021 711
Welcoming the Land Stewards: Could regenerative agriculture be the new and improved organic?. Aug 15, 2021 859
Caffeine Nation: Why too many energy drinks and other super-caffeinated products can be a health buzz-kill. Jul 25, 2021 922
Protein, You Complete Me: Amino acids vary among protein types. Here's what you need to know. Jun 16, 2021 926
Restaurant Shakedown: From appetizers to desserts--and every course that falls in between--restaurant menus are buyer beware. May 22, 2021 837
Seeds to the Rescue: From sunflower to hemp, seeds are nutritional giants. Apr 27, 2021 923
Low Carbon Dieting: Changing what's on our plates can help heal the planet. Mar 1, 2021 412
The Forgotten Flavor: Don't scrunch up your nose at bitter foods--embrace them! Feb 1, 2021 431
Maw on Raw (Food)? Is it time to embrace the raw food movement? Jan 1, 2021 587
There's an App for That: Nutritrion apps are commonly used for tracking food intake. Nov 1, 2020 926
Eating Well on the Cheap: How to eat healthy meals while spending less. Oct 1, 2020 982
The Deep Freeze: Is low-calorie ice cream really guilt-free? Is it worth it? Sep 1, 2020 844
Eat to Glow: Include these foods to boost your skin health. Aug 1, 2020 972
A Guide to Protein Digestion: Is some of the research on protein hard to digest?. Jan 29, 2020 635
Color Me Healthy: It's time to be a rainbow warrior. Jan 1, 2020 580
The Macro Shuffle: A look at the recent dieting trend of counting macronutrients. Report Nov 1, 2019 796
Protein, You Complete Me: Are your proteins complete or incomplete? Find out how to know the difference. Sep 1, 2019 577
A Guide to Safer Grilling: Reducing barbecuing's health hazards. Jul 24, 2019 922
A Diet All Your Own: Is personalized nutrition the future of dieting? Report Jun 22, 2019 913
Are Carbs the Enemy? Six Myths about Carbs: What's true--and what's a fallacy--in the never-ending carb battle. Feb 21, 2019 953
The Calorie Conundrum: In the weight loss equation are calories still king? Jan 29, 2019 819
Dairy Fat: Newfound Friend or (Still) a Foe? New research shows that dairy fats may not be the harmful compounds we once thought. Jan 1, 2019 916
Power Powders: Protein, as a powder, allows for increased intake in a range of foods. Dec 1, 2018 583
The Caveman Cometh: Weighing in on the paleo diet trend. Nov 1, 2018 504
The Future of Protein. Sep 1, 2018 1021
The "Free From" Food Movement: The pros and cons of "free from" foods. Jul 1, 2018 538
Small Diet Changes Yield Big Results: Try these six steps to make small, meaningful changes in your diet. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 196
Spice is Nice: For better health, spices turn up the furnace on your food. May 1, 2018 712
Food Synergy Boosts Nutrition: These food duos can help your health grow exponentially. Apr 1, 2018 551
Foods That Help Lower Blood Pressure: Eat your way to a healthy blood pressure and keep hypertension at bay. Mar 1, 2018 857
Turn to Dark Chocolate for a Heart-Healthy Treat: EN investigates the not so dark side of eating chocolate. Feb 1, 2018 901
Healthy Food in the Fast Lane: By choosing healthy fast food options you can dine out without straying from your eating goals. Jan 1, 2018 906
Mindful Eating: Eat, Drink, and Think: A more thoughtful way of eating can bring health and happiness. Nov 1, 2017 884
In search of whole foods: EN explores the meaning of a "whole foods" eating philosophy. Oct 1, 2017 545
Get to know tofu today: learn to love this nutrient-rich, traditional food rich in plant protein. Recipe Aug 1, 2017 865
A good meal plan for health: organizing your meals with a healthy grocery list and a little menu planning know-how can help you achieve an optimal diet, as well as save time, stress and money. Report Jul 1, 2017 840
Eat your way to better skin: Some foods may help reduce the signs of skin aging. May 1, 2017 499
12 Tips for eating green: celebrate earth day with EN's eco-friendly diet strategies. Apr 1, 2017 861
Calcium supplements and your heart: research suggests you shouldn't overdo calcium supplements. Mar 1, 2017 427
Lycopene power: lycopene-rich foods--tomatoes, watermelon, and red grapefruit--are powerful health protectors. Dec 1, 2016 428
Fall in love with stone fruit: bite into the taste of summer with the season's stone fruit that includes peaches, apricots, plums, and cherries. Report Jul 1, 2016 840
Easy ways to meet your fruit and vegetable goal; we're not eating enough health-protective plant foods, but adding them to more dishes and meals may boost your intake; here's how. Report May 1, 2016 864
Waste not: save money and reduce your environmental footprint by cutting food waste. Apr 1, 2016 865
Mix it up with mushrooms: turn to the savory, versatile quality of mushrooms to help you cut your meat intake without sacrificing taste. Report Feb 1, 2016 928
Caffeine overdrive: super-caffeinated beverages, such as energy shots and coffee drinks, are all the rage. But they may pose health concerns. EN investigates. Report Jan 1, 2016 860
Eat to fuel your fitness: 7 tips: maximize physical activity and performance with EN's rules for eating smart. Report Nov 1, 2015 837
Top foods to boost satiety: some foods, such as oatmeal, almonds, and Greek yogurt, can help you feel more full, and thus, help you to stay trim. Oct 1, 2015 868
Tame the flame of inflammation; saturate your diet with these 9 inflammation-quelling foods. Aug 1, 2015 497
Tame the flame of inflammation: saturate your diet with these 9 inflammation-quelling foods. Report Aug 1, 2015 496
Seeds of Change: Don't let their small size fool you: seeds are nutritional giants. Recipe Jul 1, 2015 840
Make your diet more nutrient-dense: healthy eating is all about how many nutrients you can pack into your diet. Jan 1, 2015 578

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