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Kadant Black Clawson adjusts R&D locations.

Kadant Black Clawson (KBC), Middletown, Ohio, USA, a subsidiary of Kadant Inc., has reorganized its research and development and sales testing operations. KBC closed its Middletown pilot plant in May, expanding its testing capabilities at other locations in the United States, France, and Japan. KBC's primary research and testing facilities are as follows:

* Herty Foundation, Savannah, Georgia, USA. KBC equipment will be installed at Herty Foundation, the largest independent pilot plant in North America, within two months.

* Kadant Lamort, Vitry, France. Equipment provided by sister company Kadant Lamort and KBC is available for testing at this location.

* Aikawa, Shizuoka, Japan. Systems manufactured by Aikawa, Kadant Lamort, and KBC can be evaluated at this location.
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Title Annotation:Supplier News
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Jun 1, 2002
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