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Kachemak Ski Club.

Project End : 2015

Status : Active

Phase : Execution - Construction

Sector : Infrastructure

Location : United States

Total Project Cost : $30000

Scope :

The Kachemak Ski Club (non-profit operators of the Ohlson Mountain Rope Tow) needs winter safety equipment for the continued safe operation of its ski hill. The KSC ski tow is located over a quarter mile off the Ohlson Mountain Road. All skiers and volunteers must currently walk a snow covered right of way to access the base of the ski hill. This project would purchase snow machine capable of evacuating an injured skier uphill to the parking lot (where local club first aid responders would transfer care to local EMS providers), as well as for use packing both the access right of way and the tow path of the rope tow itself. Both of the latter are weekly maintenance tasks that must be done to open the hill to the skiing public. A covered, open sled capable of being towed by a snowmachine to evacuate an injured skier would be part of this initial purchase. A four-wheel drive ATV is the second major capital item in this request, which would be used for pre-season maintenance of the right-of-way path, and brush clearing on the hill for hauling firewood to maintain the heating needs of the woodstove-equipped ski lodge.

The final phase of the project would include construction or purchase of secure, covered storage to protect the purchased equipment from the elements, as well as a grooming device to break up icy or rutted conditions on the access trail or ski hill itself.

country :United States

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 7, 2014
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