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KaVo ESTETICAA E50 The best things in life are simple.

Summary: The new KaVo ESTETICAA E50. Simply top of its class.

Experience the feel of perfection and allow visionary details and an intuitive operating system to make your everyday work easier.

- Simple to use: user-friendly dentist element thanks to ideal combination of direct buttons and menu control.

- Simple to upgrade: state-of-the-art upgrade possibilities and visionary system solutions.

- Simply reliable: 100 years experience with highest quality, made in Germany.

Simply made to perfection. The new KaVo ESTETICA E50.

KaVo Dental GmbH A[cedilla] D-88400 Biberach/RiE- A[cedilla] Telefon +49 7351 56-0 A[cedilla] Fax +49 7351 1103 A[cedilla]

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Publication:Dental News
Date:Jun 1, 2011
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