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 NEW YORK CITY, Toy Fair, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Kubota Pacific Computer Inc. (KPC) and Visions of Reality Corp. (VOR) today announced an $11 million OEM product agreement. Under the terms of the agreement -- the first in a series -- Kubota will supply VOR with high-performance three-dimensional (3D) graphics workstations based on Digital Equipment Corp.'s Alpha AXP microprocessor.
 Visions of Reality, creator of the world's most realistic virtual reality adventures, will use hundreds of Kubota Model 3300 3D graphics workstations to drive its virtual reality experiences in VOR family entertainment centers. During 1994, VOR will open multiple centers in malls, amusement parks, and casinos throughout the United States, as well as in London and Paris.
 "We were looking for a solution that could give us great graphics, a truly distributed computing environment, and terrific price/performance," said Ken Stone, project administrator for VOR. "We found it all in Kubota's leading-edge 3D graphics workstation, a system that allows us to bring virtual reality to life. These high-performance workstations provide extremely detailed 3D graphic images which make our adventures look startlingly lifelike -- at an affordable price that will let us build entertainment centers throughout the world."
 "Our 3D graphics workstations help VOR make its vision a reality," said Jeffrey W. Dunn, vice president of marketing for Kubota Pacific. "This is a strong endorsement for Kubota's product quality, for VOR has become known for demanding the best technology and the most creative use of graphics in the entertainment industry."
 Virtual Game Playing: 'Pods' Immerse Players in Realistic 3D Images
 Each of the new VOR entertainment centers will feature from six to 36 spaceship-like "pods," each of which is a seat for the virtual reality gameplayer. Each player sits in a 7 x 8-foot pod, wearing a head-mounted display for viewing the game's virtual reality images. The system immerses players in realistic 3D images, allowing each player to interact with other players and characters who are part of the game.
 In each pod, Kubota Model 3300 3D graphics workstations will control the play and render the graphics of several different virtual reality adventures, such as the first game to be introduced: "Cybergate(TM)." The workstations are networked via Ethernet, allowing multiple players to participate in one game.
 Because Kubota's products have the fastest image processing and graphics rendering available today, they provide the fast frame rate (more than 30 frames per second), highly detailed graphics, and realistic motion necessary to make players feel as if they have entered into and are interacting with another world.
 In addition to providing 3D graphics workstations, Kubota's engineering staff also assisted VOR with the Cybergate space adventure game. Kubota's resident experts helped VOR take advantage of Kubota's lifelike graphics, making the game more exciting to play. With Kubota's optimization, images move faster and more realistically.
 Virtual Reality Workstations Powered by Digital's Alpha AXP Microprocessor
 Kubota Model 3300 3D graphics workstations are the first to feature an architecture that combines hardware optimized for both high-speed graphics rendering and image processing. Kubota's workstations include an advanced architecture combining integrated hardware support delivering high-end texture mapped scenes. "As the highest performance RISC chip on the market, Alpha gives us the speed we need to create our extremely detailed, full-motion 3D graphics," said Dunn.
 "This important partnership with Kubota Pacific Computer Inc. and Visions of Reality signals at least three major shifts in our industry," said Digital Equipment Corp.'s Component OEM Vice President Jim Willis. "First, it clearly demonstrates the power of the Alpha AXP architecture in securing new emerging markets; second, it shows Digital Equipment Corp.'s unmistakable commitment to the worldwide OEM product and services business; and third, it positions Digital and our important OEM partners to compete effectively against older technology vendors to meet a whole new range of challenging application demands."
 "The real-time high resolution display of full motion video, together with the multiplayer interaction and game calculations makes tremendous demands on computer technology. VOR's entertainment system is proof that the Kubota 3D graphics workstations, based on Kubota's high-performance graphics technology and the Alpha AXP microprocessor, are the best solution for satisfying these demands at the best price," said Dominic Ricchetti, director and principal analyst, workstations worldwide for Dataquest.
 About the Companies
 Kubota Pacific Computer Inc.
 Kubota Pacific Computer Inc. (KPC) develops and markets high-performance 3D graphics and image processing workstations for design, engineering, technical and entertainment applications. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Kubota Pacific is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota Corp., a $7 billion multinational corporation.
 Centers such as VOR's underscore Kubota's focus in the location-based entertainment market segment. Kubota's 3D graphics products are already widely accepted in markets such as MCAD (mechanical computer-aided design) for product design and modeling, and imaging, which includes medical, defense/intelligence, and geoscience applications.
 Visions of Reality Corp.
 Visions of Reality Corp. (VOR) is the brainchild of virtual reality visionary Dan K. Rice and The Black Diamond Group, who jointly developed the concept of multivenue virtual reality family entertainment centers and pulled together industry players Angel Studios, Digital Equipment Corp., Greystone Technology, Kaiser Electro-Optics Inc., and Kubota Pacific Computer Inc. to develop the most sophisticated and realistic virtual reality experiences the world has ever seen.
 Digital Equipment Corp.
 Digital Equipment Corp. is the world's leader in scalable open client/server solutions from personal computing to integrated worldwide information systems. Digital's Alpha AXP platforms, storage, networking, software and services, together with industry-focus solutions from business partners, help organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Alpha AXP, Digital, and the Digital logo are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corp./
 /CONTACT: Sam Cece of Kubota Pacific, 408-727-8100; or Teri Bruno of Visions of Reality, 714-433-7400; or Cynthia Lempert of Rourke & Co., 408-453-9194; or Richard Lee Goldberg of Digital Equipment Corp., 508-467-8009/

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