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 CHICAGO, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Kubota Pacific Computer Inc. has announced an aggressive new pricing schedule for its Denali(TM) graphics subsystems and Kenai(TM) graphics workstations. The new schedule, which cuts entry-level Denali prices by more than 30 percent and entry-level Kenai prices between 19 to 25 percent, is designed to make Kubota's products more accessible to the mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) market. These price reductions make Kubota's Alpha-based graphics subsystems and midrange and high-end graphics workstations the lowest- priced in the industry. (See Attachment A below for pricing schedule highlights)
 In today's highly competitive business environment, design engineers are mandated to bring better products to market faster. MCAD provides the ideal means to that end, by shortening time-consuming development cycles and controlling costs such as labor and prototype development. Unfortunately, in the past, access to MCAD has been hampered by the high cost of state-of-the-art equipment, making it the resource of a chosen few. Kubota's new pricing schedule makes high-performance MCAD technology readily available for all members of the design team.
 "These price reductions allow Kubota Pacific to continue playing a leadership role in setting new standards for graphics subsystem and workstation price, performance and upgradeability," said Jeffrey Dunn, Kubota vice president of marketing. "Kubota is determined to be the premier supplier of graphics subsystems and workstations."
 In addition to its new pricing schedule, the company today announced that it has extended its Kenai product line with new midrange and high- end graphics workstations. Based upon Digital Equipment Corp.'s Alpha microprocessor and workstation technology, Kenai 3600 midrange graphics desktop workstation offers the industry's leading price/performance for desktop workstations; Kenai 3800 high-end graphics workstation is the fastest workstation in its price range today.
 About Kubota Pacific Computer
 Kubota Pacific Computer Inc. (KPC) develops, manufactures and markets high-performance 3D graphics and image processing workstations and subsystems for design, engineering and technical applications. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., KPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota Corp., a $7 billion multinational corporation.
 Attachment A: Kubota Pricing Schedule Highlights
 Denali(TM) Graphics Subsystems
 Old New Dollar Percentage
 Product Price Price Reduction Reduction
 DEN-E15 $14,300 $9,000 $5,300 37 percent
 DEN-E25 $18,700 $12,000 $6,700 36 percent
 DEN-E35 $23,100 $15,500 $7,600 33 percent
 Kenai(TM) Graphics Workstations
 Old New Dollar Percentage
 Product Price Price Reduction Reduction
 K3300P1-E15 $25,995 $21,157 $4,838 19 percent
 K3300P1-E25 $29,995 $23,884 $6,111 20 percent
 K3300P1-E35 $33,995 $27,066 $6,929 20 percent
 K3400P1-E15 $33,775 $25,652 $8,123 24 percent
 K3400P1-E25 $37,775 $28,379 $9,396 25 percent
 K3400P1-E35 $41,775 $31,561 $10,214 24 percent
 K3500P1-E15 $45,995 $35,845 $10,150 22 percent
 K3500P1-E25 $49,995 $38,572 $11,423 23 percent
 K3500P1-E35 $53,995 $41,754 $12,241 23 percent
 -0- 11/9/93
 /CONTACT: Sam Cece or Stuart McFaul of Kubota, 408-727-8100/

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