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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (October 1, 2020)

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An Offloading Strategy for Multi-User Energy Consumption Optimization in Multi-MEC Scene. Li, Zhi; Zhu, Qi Report 5154
B-Corr Model for Bot Group Activity Detection Based on Network Flows Traffic Analysis. Hostiadi, Dandy Pramana; Wibisono, Waskitho; Ahmad, Tohari Report 8690
Capacity Analysis of an AF Relay Cooperative NOMA System Using MRC. Xie, Xianbin; Bi, Yan; Nie, Xi Report 4706
CP-ABE Access Control that Block Access of Withdrawn Users in Dynamic Cloud. Hwang, Yong-Woon; Lee, Im-Yeong Report 8373
Data anomaly detection and Data fusion based on Incremental Principal Component Analysis in Fog Computing. Yu, Xue-Yong; Guo, Xin-Hui Report 7320
Deep CNN based Pilot Allocation Scheme in Massive MIMO systems. Kim, Kwihoon; Lee, Joohyung Report 6926
Intelligent Hybrid Fusion Algorithm with Vision Patterns for Generation of Precise Digital Road Maps in Self-driving Vehicles. Jung, Juho; Park, Manbok; Cho, Kuk; Mun, Cheol; Ahn, Junho Report 5599
Knowledge Representation Using Decision Trees Constructed Based on Binary Splits. Azad, Mohammad Report 5656
Microblog User Geolocation by Extracting Local Words Based on Word Clustering and Wrapper Feature Selection. Tian, Hechan; Liu, Fenlin; Luo, Xiangyang; Zhang, Fan; Qiao, Yaqiong Report 7275
Multi-Task FaceBoxes: A Lightweight Face Detector Based on Channel Attention and Context Information. Qi, Shuaihui; Yang, Jungang; Song, Xiaofeng; Jiang, Chen Report 5118
No-reference Image Blur Assessment Based on Multi-scale Spatial Local Features. Sun, Chenchen; Cui, Ziguan; Gan, Zongliang; Liu, Feng Report 8799
Optimization of 3D Triangular Mesh Watermarking Using ACO-Weber's Law. Narendra, Modigarl; Valarmathi, M.L.; Anbarasi, L. Jani Report 5525
Parallel Multi-task Cascade Convolution Neural Network Optimization Algorithm for Real-time Dynamic Face Recognition. Jiang, Bin; Ren, Qiang; Dai, Fei; Zhou, Tian; Gui, Guan Report 6101
Real-time Object Recognition with Pose Initialization for Large-scale Standalone Mobile Augmented Reality. Lee, Suwon Report 6899
Searchable Encrypted String for Query Support on Different Encrypted Data Types. Azizi, Shahrzad; Mohammadpur, Davud Report 6010
SOCMTD: Selecting Optimal Countermeasure for Moving Target Defense Using Dynamic Game. Hu, Hao; Liu, Jing; Tan, Jinglei; Liu, Jiang Report 8205
The Analysis of Climate Change in Haiyan County. Yu, Wenzheng; Zhang, Hanxiaoya; Chen, Tianliang; Liu, Jing; Shen, Yanbo Report 4207

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