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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (February 1, 2019)

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A Decentralized and Non-reversible Traceability System for Storing Commodity Data. He, Xiaojian; Chen, Ximeng; Li, Kangzi Report 6047
A Novel Text Sample Selection Model for Scene Text Detection via Bootstrap Learning. Kong, Jun; Sun, Jinhua; Jiang, Min; Hou, Jian Report 7966
A Relay-assisted Secure Handover Mechanism for High-speed Trains. Zhao, Yue; Tian, Bo; Chen, Zhouguo; Yang, Jin; Li, Saifei Report 6364
Achievable Rate Region Bounds and Resource Allocation for Wireless Powered Two Way Relay Networks. Di, Xiaofei Report 5902
Action Recognition with deep network features and dimension reduction. Li, Lijun; Dai, Shuling Report 8615
An Adaptive Iterative Algorithm for Motion Deblurring Based on Salient Intensity Prior. Yu, Hancheng; Wang, Wenkai; Fan, Wenshi Report 5073
An Efficient Indexing Structure for Multidimensional Categorical Range Aggregation Query. Yang, Jian; Zhao, Chongchong; Li, Chao; Xing, Chunxiao Report 9497
An Improved Lightweight Two-Factor Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with Dynamic Identity Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Qiu, Shuming; Xu, Guosheng; Ahmad, Haseeb; Xu, Guoai; Qiu, Xinping; Xu, Hong Report 11720
Bidirectional Chain Replication for Higher Throughput Provision. Mostafa, Almetwally M.; Youssef, Ahmed E.; Aljarbua, Yazeed Ali Report 6736
Collective Interaction Filtering Approach for Detection of Group in Diverse Crowded Scenes. Wong, Pei Voon; Mustapha, Norwati; Affendey, Lilly Suriani; Khalid, Fatimah Report 6239
Content-Aware D2D Caching for Reducing Visiting Latency in Virtualized Cellular Networks. Sun, Guolin; Al-Ward, Hisham; Boateng, Gordon Owusu; Jiang, Wei Report 9570
Degrees of Freedom of Multi-Cell MIMO Interference Broadcast Channels With Distributed Base Stations. Huang, Hongbing; Liu, Junyi; Zhang, Yi; Cai, Qing; Zhang, Bowei; Jiang, Fengwen Report 6384
Face Spoofing Attack Detection Using Spatial Frequency and Gradient-Based Descriptor. Ali, Zahid; Park, Unsang Report 9289
Higher-Order Masking Scheme against DPA Attack in Practice: McEliece Cryptosystem Based on QD-MDPC Code. Han, Mu; Wang, Yunwen; Ma, Shidian; Wan, Ailan; Liu, Shuai Report 8884
Hypergraph Game Theoretic Solutions for Load Aware Dynamic Access of Ultra-dense Small Cell Networks. Zhu, Xucheng; Xu, Yuhua; Liu, Xin; Zhang, Yuli; Sun, Youming; Du, Zhiyong; Liu, Dianxiong Case study 7481
Image Encryption with The Cross Diffusion of Two Chaotic Maps. Jiao, Ge; Peng, Xiaojiang; Duan, Kaiwen Report 5512
Incomplete Cholesky Decomposition based Kernel Cross Modal Factor Analysis for Audiovisual Continuous Dimensional Emotion Recognition. Li, Xia; Lu, Guanming; Yan, Jingjie; Li, Haibo; Zhang, Zhengyan; Sun, Ning; Xie, Shipeng Report 10561
Inter-Process Correlation Model based Hybrid Framework for Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Sensor Networks. Zafar, Amna; Akbar, Ali Hammad; Akram, Beenish Ayesha Report 9121
Lattice-based Threshold Ring Signature with Message Block Sharing. Chen, Jiangshan; Hu, Yupu; Gao, Wen; Liang, Hongmei Report 8129
Object Tracking Based on Weighted Local Sub-space Reconstruction Error. Zeng, Xianyou; Xu, Long; Hu, Shaohai; Zhao, Ruizhen; Feng, Wanli Report 7667
Optimised ML-based System Model for Adult-Child Actions Recognition. Alhammami, Muhammad; Hammami, Samir Marwan; Ooi, Chee-Pun; Tan, Wooi-Haw Report 5447
Packet Output and Input Configuration in a Multicasting Session Using Network Coding. Marquez, Jose; Gutierrez, Ismael; Valle, Sebastian; Falco, Melanis Report 11737
Power Allocation and Mode Selection in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Relay Based Wireless Networks. Zeng, Qian; Huangfu, Wei; Liu, Tong Report 7764
Priority-based Scheduling Policy for OpenFlow Control Plane. Kasabai, Piyawad; Djemame, Karim; Puangpronpitag, Somnuk Report 7718
Reversible Data Hiding in Permutation-based Encrypted Images with Strong Privacy. Shiu, Chih-Wei; Chen, Yu-Chi; Hong, Wien Report 7028
Robust Image Watermarking via Perceptual Structural Regularity-based JND Model. Wang, Chunxing; Xu, Meiling; Wan, Wenbo; Wang, Jian; Meng, Lili; Li, Jing; Sun, Jiande Report 7842
Secure and Efficient Privacy-Preserving Identity-Based Batch Public Auditing with Proxy Processing. Zha, Jiningo; Xu, Chunxiang; Chen, Kefei Report 11288
Signal Enhancement of a Variable Rate Vocoder with a Hybrid domain SNR Estimator. Park, Hyung Woo Report 6117
Tongue Image Segmentation via Thresholding and Gray Projection. Liu, Weixia; Hu, Jinmei; Li, Zuoyong; Zhang, Zuchang; Ma, Zhongli; Zhang, Daoqiang Report 5601
Tucker Modeling based Kronecker Constrained Block Sparse Algorithm. Zhang, Tingping; Fan, Shangang; Li, Yunyi; Gui, Guan; Ji, Yimu Case study 4123
Two person Interaction Recognition Based on Effective Hybrid Learning. Ahmed, Minhaz Uddin; Kim, Yeong Hyeon; Kim, Jin Woo; Bashar, Md Rezaul; Phill, Kyu Report 6825
Uplinks Analysis and Optimization of Hybrid Vehicular Networks. Li, Shikuan; Li, Zipeng; Ge, Xiaohu; Li, Yonghui Report 6415
Weighted DCT-IF for Image up Scaling. Lee, Jae-Yung; Yoon, Sung-Jun; Kim, Jae-Gon; Han, Jong-Ki Report 7182

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