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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (December 1, 2019)

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A Hybrid Mechanism of Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution Algorithms based on Spark. Fan, Debin; Lee, Jaewan 6555
A Novel Least Square and Image Rotation based Method for Solving the Inclination Problem of License Plate in Its Camera Captured Image. Wu, ChangCheng; Zhang, Hao; Hua, JiaFeng; Hua, Sha; Zhang, YanYi; Lu, XiaoMing; Tang, YiChen 5922
An Efficient Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Approach for Energy Management in Intelligent Buildings. Wahid, Fazli; Ismail, Lokman Hakim; Ghazali, Rozaida; Aamir, Muhammad 7521
An Optimal Driving Support Strategy(ODSS) for Autonomous Vehicles based on an Genetic Algorithm. Son, SuRak; Jeong, YiNa; Lee, ByungKwan 7898
Block Sparse Low-rank Matrix Decomposition based Visual Defect Inspection of Rail Track Surfaces. Zhang, Linna; Chen, Shiming; Cen, Yigang; Cen, Yi; Wang, Hengyou; Zeng, Ming 7781
CNN-based Skip-Gram Method for Improving Classification Accuracy of Chinese Text. Xu, Wenhua; Huang, Hao; Zhang, Jie; Gu, Hao; Yang, Jie; Gui, Guan Movie review 5079
Data Hiding Using Sequential Hamming + k with m Overlapped Pixels. Kim, Cheonshik; Shin, Dongkyoo; Yang, Ching-Nung; Chen, Yi-Cheng; Wu, Song-Yu 6163
Efficient routing in multicast mesh by using forwarding nodes and weighted cost function. Vyas, Kapila; Khuteta, Ajay; Chaturvedi, Amit 7000
Exact Outage Probability of Two-Way Decode-and-Forward NOMA Scheme with Opportunistic Relay Selection. Huynh, Tan-Phuoc; Son, Pham Ngoc; Voznak, Miroslav 7100
Facial Feature Recognition based on ASNMF Method. Zhou, Jing; Wang, Tianjiang 6900
Fast k-NN based Malware Analysis in a Massive Malware Environment. Hwang, Jun-ho; Kwak, Jin; Lee, Tae-jin 4808
Fast triangle flip bat algorithm based on curve strategy and rank transformation to improve DV-Hop performance. Cai, Xingjuan; Geng, Shaojin; Wang, Penghong; Wang, Lei; Wu, Qidi 9958
Feature Voting for Object Localization via Density Ratio Estimation. Wang, Liantao; Deng, Dong; Chen, Chunlei 7347
High-Capacity and Robust Watermarking Scheme for Small-Scale Vector Data. Tong, Deyu; Zhu, Changqing; Ren, Na; Shi, Wenzhong 8681
Influence of picture presence in reviews on online seller product rating: Moderation role approach. Hossin, Md Altab; Mu, Yinping; Fang, Jiaming; Frimpong, Adasa Nkrumah Kofi 10300
One Improved RLWE-based FHE and Fast Private Information Retrieval. Song, Wei-Tao; Hu, Bin; Zhao, Xiu-Feng 7141
Research on Identity-based Batch Anonymous Authentication Scheme for VANET. Song, Cheng; Gu, Xinan; Wang, Lei; Liu, Zhizhong; Ping, Yuan 6732
Robust Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication based on Pseudonym Root with Cuckoo Filter in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. Alazzawi, Murtadha A.; Lu, Hongwei; Yassin, Ali A.; Chen, Kai 11197
Secure and Efficient Identity-based Batch Verification Signature Scheme for ADS-B System. Zhou, Jing-xian; Yan, Jian-hua 7401
Strengthening Packet Loss Measurement from the Network Intermediate Point. Lan, Haoliang; Ding, Wei; Zhang, YuMei 9078
Study on gesture recognition based on IIDTW algorithm. Pei, Tian; Guozhen, Chen; Nianfeng, Li 5953
Tensor-based tag emotion aware recommendation with probabilistic ranking. Lim, Hyewon; Kim, Hyoung-Joo 6808
Thwarting Sybil Attackers in Reputation-based Scheme in Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Abbas, Sohail; Merabti, Madjid; Kifayat, Kashif; Baker, Thar 13207
ValueRank: Keyword Search of Object Summaries Considering Values. Zhi, Cai; Xu, Lan; Xing, Su; Kun, Lang; Yang, Cao Report 8049
Weighted Adaptive Opportunistic Scheduling Framework for Smartphone Sensor Data Collection in IoT. Thejaswini, M.; Choi, Bong Jun 7010

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