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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (October 1, 2018)

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A Dynamic Placement Mechanism of Service Function Chaining Based on Software-defined Networking. Liu, Yicen; Lu, Yu; Chen, Xingkai; Li, Xi; Qiao, Wenxin; Chen, Liyun Report 8387
A Novel Compressed Sensing Technique for Traffic Matrix Estimation of Software Defined Cloud Networks. Qazi, Sameer; Atif, Syed Muhammad; Kadri, Muhammad Bilal Report 7362
A Novel Image Dehazing Algorithm Based on Dual-tree Complex Wavelet Transform. Huang, Changxin; Li, Wei; Han, Songchen; Liang, Binbin; Cheng, Peng Report 5653
A Rendezvous Node Selection and Routing Algorithm for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network. Hu, Yifan; Zheng, Yi; Wu, Xiaoming; Liu, Hailin Report 6471
A Study of Fronthaul Networks in CRANs - Requirements and Recent Advancements. Waqar, Muhammad; Kim, Ajung; Cho, Peter K. Report 10913
Advanced approach to information security management system utilizing maturity models in critical infrastructure. You, Youngin; Oh, Junhyoung; Kim, Sooheon; Lee, Kyungho Report 8834
An Adaptation Method in Noise Mismatch Conditions for DNN-based Speech Enhancement. Si-Ying, Xu; Tong, Niu; Dan, Qu; Xing-Yan, Long Report 9589
An Automatic and Scalable Application Crawler for Large-Scale Mobile Internet Content Retrieval. Huang, Mingyi; Lyu, Yongqiang; Yin, Hao Case study 6191
An Induced Hesitant Linguistic Aggregation Operator and Its Application for Creating Fuzzy Ontology. Kong, Mingming; Ren, Fangling; Park, Doo-Soon; Hao, Fei; Pei, Zheng Case study 12833
Cell Virtualization with Network Partition for Initial User Association in Software Defined Small-cell Networks. Sun, Guolin; Lu, Li; Ayepah-Mensah, Daniel; Fang, Xiufen; Jiang, Wei Report 7963
Enhanced Network Intrusion Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Naseer, Sheraz; Saleem, Yasir Report 7928
Feature Selection Algorithms in Intrusion Detection System: A Survey. Maza, Sofiane; Touahria, Mohamed Report 9685
Finding Rotten Eggs: A Review Spam Detection Model using Diverse Feature Sets. Akram, Abubakker Usman; Khan, Hikmat Ullah; Iqbal, Saqib; Iqbal, Tassawar; Munir, Ehsan Ullah; Shafi Report 8081
Hyperspectral Image Classification via Joint Sparse representation of Multi-layer Superpixles. Sima, Haifeng; Mi, Aizhong; Han, Xue; Du, Shouheng; Wang, Zhiheng; Wang, Jianfang Report 10027
Improving Security and Privacy-Preserving in Multi-Authorities Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption. Hu, Shengzhou; Li, Jiguo; Zhang, Yichen Report 9193
Joint Blind Parameter Estimation of Non-cooperative High-Order Modulated PCMA Signals. Guo, Yiming; Peng, Hua; Fu, Jun Report 5977
JPEG-based Variable Block-Size Image Compression using CIE La*b*Color Space. Kahu, Samruddhi Y.; Bhurchandi, Kishor M. Report 9614
Majorization-Minimization-Based Sparse Signal Recovery Method Using Prior Support and Amplitude Information for the Estimation of Time-varying Sparse Channels. Wang, Chen; Fang, Yong Report 7815
MDA-SMAC: An Energy-Efficient Improved SMAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Donghong, Xu; Ke, Wang Report 8095
Modified WFRFT-based Transform Domain Communication System Incorporating with Spectrum Mismatching. Xu, Ruiyang; Da, Xinyu; Liang, Yuan; Hu, Hang Report 5172
Multi-scale Diffusion-based Salient Object Detection with Background and Objectness Seeds. Yang, Sai; Liu, Fan; Chen, Juan; Xiao, Dibo; Zhu, Hairong Report 6095
ODM: A Neighbor Discovery Protocol Based on Optimal Discovery Model in WSNs. Wang, Hao; Wei, Liangxiong; Yuan, Ping; Li, Xiaodi; Luo, Qian; Luo, Xiao; Chen, Liangyin Report 5634
Pose and Expression Invariant Alignment based Multi-View 3D Face Recognition. Ratyal, Naeem; Taj, Imtiaz; Bajwa, Usama; Sajid, Muhammad Case study 11638
Reduction of the Retransmission Delay for Heterogeneous Devices in Dynamic Opportunistic Device-to-device Network. Chen, Sixuan; Zou, Weixia; Liu, Xuefeng; Zhao, Yang; Zhou, Zheng Report 7343
RSNT-cFastICA for Complex-Valued Noncircular Signals in Wireless Sensor Networks. Deng, Changliang; Wei, Yimin; Shen, Yuehong; Zhao, Wei; Li, Hongjun Report 7142
Soft Fault Detection Using an Improved Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks. Montazeri, Mojtaba; Kiani, Rasoul Report 6914
There's No Such Thing as Free Lunch but Envy among Young Facebookers. Iqbal, Tassawar; Yousafzai, Muhammad Tariq; Ali, Sabeen; Sattar, Kinza; Saleem, Muhammad Qaiser; Hab Report 6064
Using weighted Support Vector Machine to address the imbalanced classes problem of Intrusion Detection System. Alabdallah, Alaeddin; Awad, Mohammed Report 6808

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