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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (February 1, 2018)

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2D Human Pose Estimation based on Object Detection using RGB-D information. Park, Seohee; Ji, Myunggeun; Chun, Junchul Report 6314
A Hybrid Software Defined Networking Architecture for Next-Generation IoTs. Lee, Ahyoung; Wang, Xuan; Nguyen, Hieu; Ra, Ilkyeun Report 4369
A New Fine-grain SMS Corpus and Its Corresponding Classifier Using Probabilistic Topic Model. Ma, Jialin; Zhang, Yongjun; Wang, Zhijian; Chen, Bolun Report 7556
A Study on KSI-based Authentication Management and Communication for Secure Smart Home Environments. Ra, Gyeong-Jin; Lee, Im-Yeong Report 5047
An Efficient Software Defined Data Transmission Scheme based on Mobile Edge Computing for the Massive IoT Environment. Kim, EunGyeong; Kim, Seokhoon Report 5291
Auto-configurable Security Mechanism for NFV. Kim, HyunJin; Park, PyungKoo; Ryou, Jaecheol Report 3904
Automatic identification of Java Method Naming Patterns Using Cascade K-Medoids. Kim, Tae-young; Kim, Suntae; Kim, Jeong-Ah; Choi, Jae-Young; Lee, Jee-Huong; Cho, Youngwha; Nam, You Report 6809
Classification of Premature Ventricular Contraction using Error Back-Propagation. Jeon, Eunkwang; Jung, Bong-Keun; Nam, Yunyoung; Lee, HwaMin Report 4750
Comprehensive Investigations on QUEST: a Novel QoS-Enhanced Stochastic Packet Scheduler for Intelligent LTE Routers. Paul, Suman; Pandit, Malay Kumar Report 8989
Compression history detection for MP3 audio. Yan, Diqun; Wang, Rangding; Zhou, Jinglei; Jin, Chao; Wang, Zhifeng Report 4627
Convolutional Neural Network with Particle Filter Approach for Visual Tracking. Tyan, Vladimir; Kim, Doohyun Report 4852
Design and Implementation of 8K UHD Encapsulation Method for Efficient Transmission and Reception based on MMT. Song, Seulki; Ryu, Youngsu; Wee, Jungwook; Park, Kyungwon; Kwon, Kiwon Report 3486
Design and Implementation of UAV System for Autonomous Tracking. Cho, Eunsung; Ryoo, Intae Report 3929
Development of Textile Proximity Sensor for Medication Adherence Management System. Ho, Jong Gab; Min, Se Dong Report 3964
Directional Particle Filter Using Online Threshold Adaptation for Vehicle Tracking. Yildirim, Mustafa Eren; Salman, Yucel Batu Report 6314
Error Correction Technique of Distance Measurement for ToF LIDAR Sensor. Moon, Yeon-Kug; Shim, Young Bo; Song, Hyoung-Kyu Report 2499
Green Cooperative Sensing Scheme in Heterogeneous Networks. Shen, Lifei; Liu, Jian; Tan, Xinxin; Wang, Lei Report 4777
Improving Fault Traceability of Web Application by Utilizing Software Revision Information and Behavior Model. Baek, Seungsuk; Lee, Jung-Won; Lee, Byungjeong Case study 4037
Irrational Factors Affecting the Purchase of Online Game Items. Lee, Jongwon; Lee, Jemin Justin; Park, And Ji Min Report 6647
Lane Detection Based on Inverse Perspective Transformation and Kalman Filter. Huang, Yingping; Li, Yangwei; Hu, Xing; Ci, Wenyan Report 5251
New Public Key Encryption with Equality Test Based on non-Abelian Factorization Problems. Zhu, Huijun; Wang, Licheng; Qiu, Shuming; Niu, Xinxin Report 6930
Secure Multicast using Proxy Re-Encryption in an IoT Environment. Kim, SuHyun; Hwang, YongWoon; Seo, JungTaek Report 3895
Segment Training Based Individual Channel Estimation for Multi-pair Two-Way Relay Network with Power Allocation. He, Xiandeng; Zhou, Ronghua; Chen, Nan; Zhang, Shun Report 4047
Structure and Challenges of a Security Policy on Small and Medium Enterprises. Almeida, Fernando; Carvalho, Ines; Cruz, Fabio Report 7294
System Hardening and Security Monitoring for IoT Devices to Mitigate IoT Security Vulnerabilities and Threats. Choi, Seul-Ki; Yang, Chung-Huang; Kwak, Jin Report 3649
The Diagnosis and Prescription for Cybersecurity in Korea: Focusing on Policy and System. Park, Sangdon; Kim, Il Hwan; Kim, Jaehyoun; Lee, Kyung Lyul Report 7944
Visual Saliency Detection Based on color Frequency Features under Bayesian framework. Ayoub, Naeem; Gao, Zhenguo; Chen, Danjie; Tobji, Rachida; Yao, Nianmin Report 6229

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