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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (December 1, 2018)

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A Cache Privacy Protection Mechanism based on Dynamic Address Mapping in Named Data Networking. Zhu, Yi; Kang, Haohao; Huang, Ruhui Report 6668
A Framework of Resource Provisioning and Customized Energy-Efficiency Optimization in Virtualized Small Cell Networks. Sun, Guolin; Clement, Addo Prince; Boateng, Gordon Owusu; Jiang, Wei Report 8898
A QoS-aware Adaptive Coloring Scheduling Algorithm for Co-located WBANs. Wang, Jingxian; Sun, Yongmei; Luo, Shuyun; Ji, Yuefeng Report 7400
A Robust Energy Saving Data Dissemination Protocol for IoT-WSNs. Kim, Moonseong; Park, Sooyeon; Lee, Woochan Report 6737
A Study of Mobile Edge Computing System Architecture for Connected Car Media Services on Highway. Lee, Sangyub; Lee, Jaekyu; Cho, Hyeonjoong Case study 4817
A Video Smoke Detection Algorithm Based on Cascade Classification and Deep Learning. Dung, Nguyen Manh; Kim, Dongkeun; Ro, Soonghwan Report 5018
An Optimal Design Procedure based on the Safety Integrity Level for Safety-related Systems. Kim, Sung Kyu; Kim, Yong Soo Case study 8296
Analysis of Web Browser Security Configuration Options. Jillepalli, Ananth A.; de Leon, Daniel Conte; Steiner, Stuart; Alves-Foss, Jim Report 9313
Bayesian Rules Based Optimal Defense Strategies for Clustered WSNs. Zhou, Weiwei; Yu, Bin Report 9607
Bi-dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition Algorithm Based on Particle Swarm-Fractal Interpolation. An, Feng-Ping; He, Xin Report 9005
CacheSCDefender: VMM-based Comprehensive Framework against Cache-based Side-channel Attacks. Yang, Chao; Guo, Yunfei; Hu, Hongchao; Liu, Wenyan Report 10733
EFTG: Efficient and Flexible Top-K Geo-textual Publish/Subscribe. zhu, Hong; Li, Hongbo; Cui, Zongmin; Cao, Zhongsheng; Xie, Meiyi Report 8290
Hybrid Feature Selection Method Based on a Naive Bayes Algorithm that Enhances the Learning Speed while Maintaining a Similar Error Rate in Cyber ISR. Shin, GyeongIl; Yooun, Hosang; Shin, DongIl; Shin, DongKyoo Report 5923
Joint Optimization for Residual Energy Maximization in Wireless Powered Mobile-Edge Computing Systems. Liu, Peng; Xu, Gaochao; Yang, Kun; Wang, Kezhi; Li, Yang Report 8242
Joint Time Delay and Angle Estimation Using the Matrix Pencil Method Based on Information Reconstruction Vector. Li, Haiwen; Ren, Xiukun; Bai, Ting; Zhang, Long Report 6585
Match Field based Algorithm Selection Approach in Hybrid SDN and PCE Based Optical Networks. Selvaraj, P.; Nagarajan, V. Report 7709
Medical Image Watermarking Based on Visual Secret Sharing and Cellular Automata Transform for Copyright Protection. Fan, Tzuo-Yau; Chao, Her-Chang; Chieu, Bin-Chang Report 9725
Novus-io: An Internet of Things Platform for Academic Projects. Lozoya, Camilo; Aguilar-Gonzalez, Alberto; Favela-Contreras, Antonio; Zamora, Arturo Report 7976
Performance Analysis Based on RAU Selection and Cooperation in Distributed Antenna Systems. Wang, Gang; Meng, Chao; Heng, Wei Report 6427
Person-Independent Facial Expression Recognition with Histograms of Prominent Edge Directions. Makhmudkhujaev, Farkhod; Bin, Md Tauhid; Arefin, Md Rifat; Ryu, Byungyong; Chae, Oksam Report 6981
PRaCto: Pseudo Random bit generator for Cryptographic application. Raza, Saiyma Fatima; Satpute, Vishal R. Report 5543
Private Blockchain-Based Secure Access Control for Smart Home Systems. Xue, Jingting; Xu, Chunxiang; Zhang, Yuan Report 9431
Real-time 3D Audio Downmixing System based on Sound Rendering for the Immersive Sound of Mobile Virtual Reality Applications. Hong, Dukki; Kwon, Hyuck-Joo; Kim, Cheong Ghil; Park, Woo-Chan Report 6830
RSA--QoS: A Resource Loss Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Enhancing the Quality of Service in Mobile Networks. Ramkumar, K.; Newton, P. Calduwel Report 7121
Selecting the Optimal Hidden Layer of Extreme Learning Machine Using Multiple Kernel Learning. Zhao, Wentao; Li, Pan; Liu, Qiang; Liu, Dan; Liu, Xinwang Report 6672
Semantic Trajectory Based Behavior Generation for Groups Identification. Cao, Yang; Cai, Zhi; Xue, Fei; Li, Tong; Ding, Zhiming Report 7200
Spatial Multilevel Optical Flow Architecture-based Dynamic Motion Estimation in Vehicular Traffic Scenarios. Fuentes, Alvaro; Yoon, Sook; Park, Dong Sun Report 7849
Unusual Suspect of Societal Innovativeness in Online Social Innovation Community: A Network and Communication Framework. Lee, Jemin Justin; Cheon, Youngjoon; Han, Sangyun; Kwak, Kyu Tae Report 8573
Using Freeze Frame and Visual Notifications in an Annotation Drawing Interface for Remote Collaboration. Kim, Seungwon; Billinghurst, Mark; Lee, Chilwoo; Lee, Gun Report 12270
Zero-Knowledge Realization of Software-Defined Gateway in Fog Computing. Lin, Te-Yuan; Fuh, Chiou-Shann Report 5176

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