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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (November 1, 2017)

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3D View Synthesis with Feature-Based Warping. Hu, Ningning; Zhao, Yao; Bai, Huihui Report 4063
A Bi-Target Based Mobile Relay Selection Algorithm for MCNs. Dai, Huijun; Gui, Xiaolin; Dai, Zhaosheng; Ren, Dewang; Gu, Yingjie Report 5264
A Medium Access Control Mechanism for Distributed In-band Full-Duplex Wireless Networks. Zuo, Haiwei; Sun, Yanjing; Li, Song; Ni, Qiang; Wang, Xiaolin; Zhang, Xiaoguang Technical report 8864
A New Dynamic Transmission-Mode Selection Scheme for AMC/HARQ-Based Wireless Networks. Ma, Xiaohui; Li, Guobing; Zhang, Guomei Report 4903
An Improved Adaptive Scheduling Strategy Utilizing Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm for Data Center Networks. Wang, Wentao; Wang, Lingxia; Zheng, Fang Technical report 7117
An Improved Two-Factor Mutual Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement in Wireless Sensor Networks. Li, Jiping; Ding, Yaoming; Xiong, Zenggang; Liu, Shouyin Report 8792
Baggage Recognition in Occluded Environment using Boosting Technique. Khanam, Tahmina; Deb, Kaushik Report 7922
Beginning of a New Standard: Internet of Media Things. Kim, Sang-KyunSahu; Nevadita, Sahu; Preda, Marius Report 5853
Certificateless multi-signer universal designated multi-verifier signature from elliptic curve group. Deng, Lunzhi; Yang, Yixian; Chen, Yuling Report 7509
Congestion Aware Fast Link Failure Recovery of SDN Network Based on Source Routing. Huang, Liaoruo; Shen, Qingguo; Shao, Wenjuan Report 8690
Detection for JPEG steganography based on evolutionary feature selection and classifier ensemble selection. Ma, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Yi; Song, Xiangfeng; Fan, Chao Technical report 7800
DIntrusion Detection in WSN with an Improved NSA Based on the DE-CMOP. Guo, Weipeng; Chen, Yonghong; Cai, Yiqiao; Wang, Tian; Tian, Hui Report 6942
Fast image stitching method for handling dynamic object problems in Panoramic Images. Abdukholikov, Murodjon; Whangbo, Taegkeun Technical report 5759
Fuzzy Keyword Search Method over Ciphertexts supporting Access Control. Mei, Zhuolin; Wu, Bin; Tian, Shengli; Ruan, Yonghui; Cui, Zongmin Report 12544
Load Aware Automatic Channel Switching for Software-Defined Enterprise WLANs. Han, Yunong; Yang, Kun Report 7410
Model for Mobile Online Video viewed on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Pal, Debajyoti; Vanijja, Vajirasak Technical report 10904
Modeling and SINR Analysis of Dual Connectivity in Downlink Heterogeneous Cellular Networks. Wang, Xianling; Xiao, Min; Zhang, Hongyi; Song, Sida Report 8578
New Proxy Blind Signcryption Scheme for Secure Multiple Digital Messages Transmission Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Su, Pin-Chang; Tsai, Chien-Hua Report 10181
Novel Partitioning Algorithm for a Gaussian Inverse Wishart PHD Filter for Extended Target Tracking. Li, Peng; Ge, Hongwei; Yang, Jinlong Report 5180
Object tracking based on adaptive updating of a spatial-temporal context model. Feng, Wanli; Cen, Yigang; Zeng, Xianyou; Li, Zhetao; Zeng, Ming; Voronin, Viacheslav Report 5242
On Narrowband Interference Suppression in OFDM-based Systems with CDMA and Weighted-type Fractional Fourier Transform Domain Preprocessing. Liang, Yuan; Da, Xinyu; Wang, Shu Technical report 5029
On the Feasibility of Interference Alignment in the Cellular Network. Chen, Hua; Wu, Shan; Hu, Ping; Xu, Zhudi Report 4899
Optimal Resource Planning with Interference Coordination for Relay-Based Cellular Networks. Kim, Taejoon; An, Kwanghoon; Yu, Heejung Technical report 6235
Physical Layer Security Scheme Based on Polarization Modulation and WFRFT Processing for Dual-polarized Satellite Systems. Luo, Zhangkai; Wang, Huali; Zhou, Kaijie Report 5548
RowAMD Distance: A Novel 2DPCA-Based Distance Computation with Texture-Based Technique for Face Recognition. Al-Arashi, Waled Hussein; Shing, Chai Wuh; Suandi, Shahrel Azmin Report 7312
Smoke detection in video sequences based on dynamic texture using volume local binary patterns. Lin, Gaohua; Zhang, Yongming; Zhang, Qixing; Jia, Yang; Xu, Gao; Wang, Jinjun Report 5076
VirtAV: an Agentless Runtime Antivirus System for Virtual Machines. Tang, Hongwei; Feng, Shengzhong; Zhao, Xiaofang; Jin, Yan Report 13075

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