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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (June 1, 2017)

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A multi-layered framework for color pastel painting. Yang, Heekyung; Min, Kyungha Report 7525
A multi-level accumulation-based rectification method and its circuit implementation. Son, Hyeon-Sik; Moon, Byungin Report 7128
A novel classification approach based on naive bayes for twitter sentiment analysis. Song, Junseok; Kim, Kyung Tae; Lee, Byungjun; Kim, Sangyoung; Youn, Hee Yong Report 6022
A software defined networking approach to improve the energy efficiency of mobile wireless sensor networks. Aparicio, Joaquin; Echevarria, Juan Jose; Legarda, Jon Report 8810
An image enhancement method for extracting multi-license plate region. Yun, Jong-Ho; Choi, Myung-Ryul; Lee, Sang-Sun Report 6090
Antiblurry dejitter image stabilization method of fuzzy video for driving recorders. Xiong, Jing-Ying; Dai, Ming; Zhao, Chun-Lei; Wang, Ruo-Qiu Report 5101
Combinatorial auction-based two-stage matching mechanism for mobile data offloading. Wang, Gang; Yang, Zhao; Yuan, Cangzhou; Liu, Peizhen Report 8287
Constrained Relay Node Deployment using an improved multi-objective Artificial Bee Colony in Wireless Sensor Networks. Yu, Wenjie; Li, Xunbo; Li, Xiang; Zeng, Zhi Report 9374
De-cloaking malicious activities in smartphones using HTTP flow mining. Su, Xin; Liu, Xuchong; Lin, Jiuchuang; He, Shiming; Fu, Zhangjie; Li, Wenjia Report 10551
Deep recurrent neural network for multiple time slot frequency spectrum predictions of cognitive radio. Tang, Zhi-ling; Li, Si-min Report 6744
Deformable surface 3D reconstruction from a single image by linear programming. Ma, Wenjuan; Sun, Shusen Report 6982
Development of an ICT car service applying a Human-centered design. Cha, Yesool; Kim, Jinman; Park, Byoungha; Park, Youngchoong; Kim, Seong-Dong Report 4117
Diet-Right: A smart food recommendation system. Rehman, Faisal; Khalid, Osman; ul Haq, Nuhman; Khan, Atta ur Rehman; Bilal, Kashif; Madani, Sajjad A Report 5622
HS-Sign: A security enhanced UOV signature scheme based on hyper-sphere. Chen, Jiahui; Tang, Shaohua; Zhang, Xinglin Report 10327
Human tracking based on context awareness in outdoor environment. Binh, Nguyen Thanh; Khare, Ashish; Thanh, Nguyen Chi Report 7075
Improved compressed network coding scheme for energy-efficient data communication in wireless sensor networks. Zhou, Ying; Yang, Lihua; Yang, Longxiang Report 6295
Joint destination-relay selection and antenna mode selection in Full-Duplex Relay Network. Tang, Yanan; Gao, Hui; Su, Xin; Lv, Tiejun Report 6088
Joint uplink and downlink resource allocation in data and energy integrated communication networks. Yu, Qin; Lv, Kesi; Hu, Jie; Yang, Kun; Hong, Xuemin Report 6069
Neighborhood coreness algorithm for identifying a set of influential spreaders in complex networks. Huang, De-Cai; Zhang, Zi-Ke Report 7804
OLAP4R: A Top-K recommendation system for OLAP sessions. Yuan, Youwei; Chen, Weixin; Han, Guangjie; Jia, Gangyong Report 5630
Polygon approximation based cognitive information delivery in geo-location database oriented spectrum sharing. Wei, Zhiqing; Wu, Huici; Feng, Zhiyong Report 5781
Rules placement with delay guarantee in combined SDN forwarding element. Qi, Qinglei; Wang, Wendong; Gong, Xiangyang; Que, Xirong Report 7806
Static homogeneous multiprocessor task graph scheduling using ant colony optimization. Boveiri, Hamid Reza; Khayami, Raouf Report 9169
TSTE: A time-variant stochastic trust evaluation model in social networks. Yu, Li; Zhao, Jia; Luo, Chao; Zheng, Jun Report 12295
Verifiable outsourced ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption for mobile cloud computing. Zhao, Zhiyuan; Wang, Jianhua Report 9576

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