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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (January 1, 2017)

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A multipath congestion control scheme for high-quality multimedia streaming. Lee, Sunghee; Chung, Kwangsue Report 6128
A novel visual tracking system with adaptive incremental extreme learning machine. Wang, Zhihui; Yoon, Sook; Park, Dong Sun Report 6741
A perceptually-adaptive high-capacity color image watermarking system. Ghouti, Lahouari Report 10486
An optimized CLBP descriptor based on a scalable block size for texture classification. Li, Jianjun; Fan, Susu; Wang, Zhihui; Li, Haojie; Chang, Chin-Chen Report 6938
Analytical study of the impact of the mobility node on the multi-channel MAC coordination scheme of the IEEE 1609.4 standard. Perdana, Doan; Cheng, Ray-Guang; Sari, Riri Fitri Report 5987
Control flow checking at virtual edges. Liu, LiPing; Ci, LinLin; Liu, Wei; Yang, Hui Report 8232
Digital video steganalysis based on a spatial temporal detector. Su, Yuting; Yu, Fan; Zhang, Chengqian Report 5298
Downlink capacity analysis of distributed antenna systems with imperfect channel state information. Xu, Weiye; Lin, Min Report 6384
Energy-efficient algorithm for assigning verification tasks in cloud storage. Xu, Guangwei; Sun, Zhifeng; Yan, Cairong; Shi, Xiujin; Li, Yue Report 7555
Enhancing the session security of Zen Cart based on HMAC-SHA256. Lin, Lihui; Chen, Kaizhi; Zhong, Shangping Report 5602
Experience in practical implementation of abstraction interface for integrated cloud resource management on multi-clouds. Kim, Huioon; Kim, Hyounggyu; Chun, Kyungwon; Chung, Youngjoo Report 8881
Human activity recognition in smart homes based on a difference of convex programming problem. Ghasemi, Vahid; Pouyan, Ali A.; Sharifi, Mohsen Report 11589
Illumination-robust foreground extraction for text area detection in outdoor environment. Lee, Jun; Park, Jeong-Sik; Hong, Chung-Pyo; Seo, Yong-Ho Report 3331
Image denoising based on adaptive fractional order anisotropic diffusion. Yu, Jimin; Tan, Lijian; Zhou, Shangbo; Wang, Liping; Wang, Chaomei Report 5602
Improved DV-Hop localization algorithm based on bat algorithm in wireless sensor networks. Liu, Yuan; Chen, Junjie; Xu, Zhenfeng Report 8709
Improving video quality by diversification of adaptive streaming strategies. Biernacki, A. Report 9895
Internet banking login with multi-factor authentication. Boonkrong, Sirapat Report 11966
Job-aware network scheduling for hadoop cluster. Liu, Wen; Wang, Zhigang; Shen, Yanming Report 6245
Optimal Gabor Filters for steganalysis of content-adaptive JPEG steganography. Song, Xiaofeng; Liu, Fenlin; Chen, Liju; Yang, Chunfang; Luo, Xiangyang Report 7409
Outage probability for cooperative nano communication in the THz gap frequency range. Samarasekera, A. Chaminda J.; Shin, Hyundong Report 5894
Overlay multicast update strategy based on perturbation theory. Shen, Ye; Feng, Jing; Ma, Weijun; Jiang, Lei; Yin, Min Report 8914
Parallel task scheduling under multi-clouds. Hao, Yongsheng; Xia, Mandan; Wen, Na; Hou, Rongtao; Deng, Hua; Wang, Lina; Wang, Qin Report 8960
Phase switching mechanism for wifi-based long distance networks in industrial real-time applications. Wang, Jintao; Jin, Xi; Zeng, Peng; Wang, Zhaowei; Wan, Ming Report 8325
Robust features and accurate inliers detection framework: Application to stereo ego-motion estimation. Min, Haigen; Zhao, Xiangmo; Xu, Zhigang; Zhang, Licheng Report 6789
Role and function of the information public law. Kim, Il Hwan; Lee, KyungLyul; Kim, Jaehyoun Report 7791
Secondary system initialization protocol using FFT-based correlation matching for cognitive radio ad-hoc networks. Yoo, Sang-Jo; Jang, Ju-Tae; Seo, Myunghwan; Cho, Hyung-Weon Report 7365
Security analysis of the Whirlpool Hash Function in the cloud of things. Li, Wei; Gao, Zhiyong; Gu, Dawu; Ge, Chenyu; Liao, Linfeng; Zhou, Zhihong; Liu, Ya; Liu, Zhiqiang Report 6507
State-aware re-configuration model for multi-radio wireless mesh networks. Zakaria, Omar M.; Hashim, Aisha-Hassan Abdalla; Hassan, Wan Haslina; Khalifa, Othman Omran; Azram, M Report 10476
The robust derivative code for object recognition. Wang, Hainan; Zhang, Baochang; Zheng, Hong; Cao, Yao; Guo, Zhenhua; Qian, Chengshan Report 5300
Utility bounds of joint congestion and medium access control for CSMA based wireless networks. Wang, Tao; Yao, Zheng; Zhang, Baoxian; Li, Cheng Report 10745
Worm-Hunter: A worm guard system using software-defined networking. Hu, Yixun; Zheng, Kangfeng; Wang, Xu; Yang, Yixian Report 10703

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