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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (February 1, 2017)

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A conceptual approach for discovering proportions of disjunctive routing patterns in a business process model. Kim, Kyoungsook; Yeon, Moonsuk; Jeong, Byeongsoo; Kim, Kwanghoon Report 6424
A context-aware smart home control system based on ZigBee sensor network. Khan, Murad; Silva, Bhagya Nathali; Jung, Changsu; Han, Kijun Report 5313
A dynamic defense using client puzzle for identity-forgery attack on the south-bound of software defined networks. Wu, Zehui; Wei, Qiang; Ren, Kailei; Wang, Qingxian Report 7620
A lightweight pseudonym authentication and key agreement protocol for multi-medical server architecture in TMIS. Liu, Xiaoxue; Li, Yanping; Qu, Juan; Ding, Yong Report 9438
A location tracking system using BLE beacon exploiting a Double-Gaussian Filter. Lee, Jae Gu; Kim, Jin; Lee, Seon Woo; Ko, Young Woong Report 6643
A machine-learning based approach for extracting logical structure of a styled document. Kim, Tae-young; Kim, Suntae; Choi, Sangchul; Kim, Jeong-Ah; Choi, Jae-Young; Ko, Jong-Won; Lee, Jee- Report 5859
A novel resource scheduling scheme for comp systems. Zhou, Wen'an; Liu, Jianlong; Zhang, Yiyu; Yang, Chengyi; Yang, Xuhui Report 7423
A risk classification based approach for Android malware detection. Ye, Yilin; Wu, Lifa; Hong, Zheng; Huang, Kangyu Report 8603
A robust approach for human activity recognition using 3-D body joint motion features with deep belief network. Uddin, Md. Zia; Kim, Jaehyoun Report 5574
An adaptively speculative execution strategy based on real-time resource awareness in a multi-job heterogeneous environment. Liu, Qi; Cai, Weidong; Liu, Qiang; Shen, Jian; Fu, Zhangjie; Liu, Xiaodong; Linge, Nigel Report 6344
An App Visualization design based on IoT self-diagnosis Micro Control Unit for car accident prevention. Jeong, YiNa; Jeong, EunHee; Lee, ByungKwan Report 4607
Augmented-reality survey: from concept to application. Kim, Soo Kyun; Kang, Shin-Jin; Choi, Yoo-Joo; Choi, Min-Hyung; Hong, Min Report 10986
Block based blind & secure gray image watermarking technique based on discrete wavelet transform and singular value decomposition. Imran, Muhammad; Harvey, Bruce A. Report 6711
Collaborative sub-channel allocation with power control in small cell networks. Yang, Guang; Cao, Yewen; Wang, Deqiang; Xu, Jian; Wu, Changlei Report 5766
Design and implementation of information management tools for the EDISON open platform. Ma, Jin; Lee, Jongsuk Ruth; Cho, Kumwon; Park, Minjae Report 4585
Design and implementation of SDN-based 6LBR with QoS mechanism over heterogeneous WSN and internet. Lee, Tsung-Han; Chang, Lin-Huang; Cheng, Wei-Chung Report 6523
Development and evaluation of tip pinch strength measurement on a paretic hand rehabilitation device. Kim, Jung-Yeon; Cha, Ye-Rin; Lee, Sang-Heon; Jung, Bong-Keun Report 6661
Enhanced mutual authentication scheme based on chaotic map for PCM in NFC service environment. Park, Sung-Wook; Lee, Im-Yeong Report 9113
Evaluation of mobile application in user's perspective: Case of P2P lending apps in FinTech industry. Lee, Sangmin Report 6136
Extracting the source code context to predict import changes using GPES. Lee, Jaekwon; Kim, Kisub; Lee, Yong-Hyeon; Hong, Jang-Eui; Seo, Young-Hoon; Yang, Byung-Do; Jung, Wo Report 6628
Hop-by-hop dynamic addressing based routing protocol for monitoring of long range underwater pipeline. Abbas, Muhammad Zahid; Bakar, Kamalrulnizam Abu; Ayaz, Muhammad; Mohamed, Mohammad Hafiz; Tariq, Moe Report 15195
Hybrid S-ALOHA/TDMA protocol for LTE/LTE-A networks with coexistence of H2H and M2M traffic. Sui, Nannan; Wang, Cong; Xie, Wei; Xu, Youyun Report 8947
Implementation of bistatic backscatter wireless communication system using ambient Wi-Fi signals. Kim, Young-Han; Ahn, Hyun-Seok; Yoon, Changseok; Lim, Yongseok; Lim, Seung-ok; Yoon, Myung-Hyun Report 4972
KMMR: An efficient and scalable key management protocol to secure multi-hop communications in large scale wireless sensor networks. Guermazi, Abderrahmen; Belghith, Abdelfettah; Abid, Mohamed; Gannouni, Sofien Report 12662
Measures for automaker's legal risks from security threats in connected car development lifecycle. Kim, Dong Hee; Baek, Seung Jo; Lim, Jongin Report 6706
Misclassified samples based hierarchical cascaded classifier for video face recognition. Fan, Zheyi; Weng, Shuqin; Zeng, Yajun; Jiang, Jiao; Pang, Fengqian; Liu, Zhiwen Report 6333
Performance evaluation of the RIX-MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks. Kim, Taekon; Lee, Hyungkeun Report 6203
Privacy-preserving outsourcing schemes of modular exponentiations using single untrusted cloud server. Zhao, Ling; Zhang, Mingwu; Shen, Hua; Zhang, Yudi; Shen, Jian Report 7937
Realistic visual simulation of water effects in response to human motion using a depth camera. Kim, Jong-Hyun; Lee, Jung; Kim, Chang-Hun; Kim, Sun-Jeong Report 4222
Reversible data hiding in JPEG images using ordered embedding. Qian, Zhenxing; Dai, Shu; Chen, Boyang Report 5524
Secrecy spectrum and secrecy energy efficiency in massive MIMO enabled HetNets. Zhong, Zhihao; Peng, Jianhua; Huang, Kaizhi; Xia, Lu; Qi, Xiaohui Report 5897
Size aware correlation filter tracking with adaptive aspect ratio estimation. Zhu, Xiaozhou; Song, Xin; Chen, Xiaoqian; Bai, Yuzhu; Lu, Huimin Report 7151
The influence of personality traits on the Facebook addiction. Hwang, Ha Sung Report 5208
Thermal infrared image analysis for breast cancer detection. Min, Sedong; Heo, Jiyoung; Kong, Youngsun; Nam, Yunyoung; Ley, Preap; Jung, Bong-Keun; Oh, Dongik; S Report 3661
Towards enacting a spem-based test process with maturity levels. Dashbalbar, Amarmend; Song, Sang-Min; Lee, Jung-Won; Lee, Byungjeong Report 5888
User bandwidth demand centric soft-association control in Wi-Fi networks. Sun, Guolin; Adolphe, Sebakara Samuel Rene; Zhang, Hangming; Liu, Guisong; Jiang, Wei Report 8083

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