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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (April 1, 2017)

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A low-complexity CLSIC-LMMSE-based multi-user detection algorithm for coded MIMO systems with high order modulation. Xu, Jin; Zhang, Kai Report 6239
A method for service evaluation based on fuzzy theory for cloud computing. Guo, Liangmin; Luo, Yonglong; He, Xiaokang; Hu, Guiyin; Dong, Yan Report 7868
A noisy-robust approach for facial expression recognition. Tong, Ying; Shen, Yuehong; Gao, Bin; Sun, Fenggang; Chen, Rui; Xu, Yefeng Report 8492
An adaptive-harvest-then-transmit protocol for wireless powered communications: Multiple antennas system and performance analysis. Xinh, Nguyen Xuan; Do, Dinh-Thuan Report 6214
An improved cancelable fingerprint template encryption system research. Wang, Feng; Han, Bo; Niu, Lei; Wang, Ya Report 5732
An SDN based hopping multicast communication against DoS attack. Zhao, Zheng; Liu, Fenlin; Gong, Daofu Report 9601
Dynamic adjustment strategy of n-Epidemic routing protocol for opportunistic networks: A learning automata approach. Zhang, Feng; Wang, Xiaoming; Zhang, Lichen; Li, Peng; Wang, Liang; Yu, Wangyang Report 8178
Efficient and secure certificateless proxy re-encryption. Liu, Ya; Wang, Hongbing; Wang, Chunlu Report 13369
Heterogeneity-aware Energy-efficient Clustering (HEC) technique for WSNs. Sharma, Sukhwinder; Bansal, Rakesh Kumar; Bansal, Savina Report 8530
Identifying and exploiting trustable users with robust features in online rating systems. Oh, Hyun-Kyo; Kim, Sang-Wook Report 10403
Interference mitigation scheme for device-to-device MIMO communications underlaying a cellular network. Nam, Yujin; So, Jaewoo; Kim, Jinsung Report 9889
On efficient processing of continuous reverse skyline queries in wireless sensor networks. Yin, Bo; Zhou, Siwang; Zhang, Shiwen; Gu, Ke; Yu, Fei Report 12234
Particle swarm optimization based on vector Gaussian learning. Zhao, Jia; Lv, Li; Wang, Hui; Sun, Hui; Wu, Runxiu; Nie, Jugen; Xie, Zhifeng Report 5832
Provably-secure public auditing with deduplication. Kim, Dongmin; Jeong, Ik Rae Report 8438
Regional science and technology resource allocation optimization based on improved genetic algorithm. Xu, Hao; Xing, Lining; Huang, Lan Report 5792
Resilient routing overlay network construction with Super-Relay nodes. Tian, Shengwen; Liao, Jianxin; Li, Tonghong; Wang, Jingyu; Cui, Guanghai Report 8717
Self-adaptive termination check of min-sum algorithm for LDPC decoders using the first two minima. Cho, Keol; Chung, Ki-Seok Report 5193
Sparse representation based two-dimensional bar code image super-resolution. Shen, Yiling; Liu, Ningzhong; Sun, Han Report 5779
Transient multipath routing protocol for low power and lossy networks. Lodhi, M Ali; Rehman, Abdul; Khan, Meer M; Asfand-e-yar, Muhammad; Hussain, Faisal Bashir Report 6792
User association and base station sleep management in dense heterogeneous cellular networks. Su, Gongchao; Chen, Bin; Lin, Xiaohui; Wang, Hui; Li, Lemin Report 6493
UTrustDisk: An efficient data protection scheme for building trusted USB flash disk. Cheng, Yong; Ma, Jun; Ren, Jiangchun; Mei, Songzhu; Wang, Zhiying Report 6560
Viewpoint invariant person re-identification for global multi-object tracking with non-overlapping cameras. Report 6652
Vulnerable path attack and its detection. Tong, Ying; Shen, Yuehong; Gao, Bin; Sun, Fenggang; Chen, Rui; Xu, Yefeng Report 8080

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