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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (February 1, 2016)

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A dynamic channel switching policy through P-learning for wireless mesh networks. Hossain, Md. Kamal; Keong, Tan Chee; Kwang, Lee Ching; Yeow, Yeoh Chun Report 8168
A hybrid of smartphone camera and basestation wide-area indoor positioning method. Jiao, Jichao; Deng, Zhongliang; Xu, Lianming; Li, Fei Report 5988
A novel authenticated group key distribution scheme. Shi, Run-hua; Zhong, Hong; Zhang, Shun Report 6528
A novel multihop range-free localization algorithm based on reliable anchor selection in wireless sensor networks. Woo, Hyunjae; Lee, Chaewoo Report 6518
A salient based bag of visual word model (SBBoVW): improvements toward difficult object recognition and object location in image retrieval. Mansourian, Leila; Abdullah, Muhamad Taufik; Abdullah, Lilli Nurliyana; Azman, Azreen; Mustaffa, Mas Report 7186
A SM2 elliptic curve threshold signature scheme without a trusted center. Jie, Yan; Yu, Lu; Li-yun, Chen; Wei, Nie Report 8434
A social search scheme considering user preferences and popularities in mobile environments. Bok, Kyoungsoo; Lim, Jongtae; Ahn, Minje; Yoo, Jaesoo Report 8601
A survey of energy efficiency optimization in heterogeneous cellular networks. Abdulkafi, Ayad A.; Kiong, Tiong S.; Sileh, Ibrahim K.; Chieng, David; Ghaleb, Abdulaziz Report 11365
Acoustic signal based optimal route selection problem: performance comparison of multi-attribute decision making methods. Borkar, Prashant; Sarode, M.V.; Malik, L.G. Report 7908
An amplify-and-forward relaying scheme based on network coding for deep space communication. Guo, Wangmei; Zhang, Junhua; Feng, Guiguo; Zhu, Kaijian; Zhang, Jixiang Report 4413
An energy efficient algorithm based on clustering formulation and scheduling for proportional fairness in wireless sensor networks. Cheng, Yongbo; You, Xing; Fu, Pengcheng; Wang, Zemei Report 6320
An energy harvesting aware routing algorithm for hierarchical clustering wireless sensor networks. Tang, Chaowei; Tan, Qian; Han, Yanni; An, Wei; Li, Haibo; Tang, Hui Report 6893
Brainwave-based mood classification using regularized common spatial pattern filter. Shin, Saim; Jang, Sei-Jin; Lee, Donghyun; Park, Unsang; Kim, Ji-Hwan Report 7330
Dynamic scheduling method for cooperative resource sharing in mobile cloud computing environments. Kwon, Kyunglag; Park, Hansaem; Jung, Sungwoo; Lee, Jeungmin; Chung, In- Jeong Report 9078
Efficient channel assignment scheme based on finite projective plane theory. Chen, Chi-Chung; Su, Ing-Jiunn; Liao, Chien-Hsing; Woo, Tai-Kuo Report 7342
Enhanced certificate-based encryption scheme without bilinear pairings. Lu, Yang; Zhang, Quanling Report 9829
Factor graph-based multipath-assisted indoor passive localization with inaccurate receiver. Hao, Ganlin; Wu, Nan; Xiong, Yifeng; Wang, Hua; Kuang, Jingming Report 6299
GreenIoT architecture for Internet of Things applications. Ma, Yi-Wei; Chen, Jiann-Liang; Lee, Yung-Sheng; Chang, Hsin-Yi Report 4729
HandButton: gesture recognition of transceiver-free object by using wireless networks. Zhang, Dian; Zheng, Weiling Report 6390
How internet has reshaped the user experience of banking service? Nam, Kiheung; Lee, Zoonky; Lee, Bong Gyou Report 9118
Human visual system based automatic underwater image enhancement in NSCT domain. Zhou, Yan; Li, Qingwu; Huo, Guanying Report 6856
Interference alignment in two-way relay channel with compute-and-forward. Jiang, Xue; Zheng, Baoyu Report 4507
LCT: a lightweight cross-domain trust model for the mobile distributed environment. Liu, Zhiquan; Ma, Jianfeng; Jiang, Zhongyuan; Miao, Yinbin Report 9637
Real-time non-local means image denoising algorithm based on local binary descriptor. Yu, Hancheng; Li, Aiting Report 4476
Routing protocols for VANETs: an approach based on genetic algorithms. Wille, Emilio C.G.; Del Monego, Hermes I.; Coutinho, Bruno V.; Basilio, Giovanna G. Report 7394
The reality and response of cyber threats to critical infrastructure: a case study of the cyber-terror attack on the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. Lee, Kyung-bok; Lim, Jong-in Case study 11679
Virtual network embedding with multi-attribute node ranking based on TOPSIS. Gong, Shuiqing; Chen, Jing; Zhao, Siyi; Zhu, Qingchao Report 8497

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