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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (December 1, 2016)

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A new cross-layer QoS-provisioning architecture in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks. Sohn, Kyungho; Kim, Young Yong; Saxena, Navrati Report 9827
A robust and removable watermarking scheme using singular value decomposition. Di, Ya-Feng; Lee, Chin-Feng; Wang, Zhi-Hui; Chang, Chin-Chen; Li, Jianjun Report 6065
ABEP performance of ISDF relaying M2M cooperative networks. Xu, Lingwei; Wang, Jingjing; Wang, Han; Gulliver, T. Aaron Report 4341
An efficient and anonymous chaotic map based authenticated key agreement for multi-server architecture. Irshad, Azeem; Ahmad, Hafiz Farooq; Alzahrani, Bander A.; Sher, Muhammad; Chaudhry, Shehzad Ashraf Report 9834
An improved multi-server authentication scheme for distributed mobile cloud computing services. Irshad, Azeem; Sher, Muhammad; Ahmad, Hafiz Farooq; Alzahrani, Bander A.; Chaudhry, Shehzad Ashraf; Report 11628
Cluster-based cooperative data forwarding with multi-radio multi-channel for multi-flow wireless networks. Aung, Cherry Ye; Ali, G.G. Md. Nawaz; Chong, Peter Han Joo Report 10696
Design and field test of an optimal power control algorithm for base stations in long term evolution networks. Zeng, Yuan; Xu, Jing Report 6110
Design and realization of precise indoor localization mechanism for Wi-Fi devices. Su, Weideng; Liu, Erwu; Auge, Anna Calveras; Garcia-Villegas, Eduard; Wang, Rui; You, Jiayi Report 6235
Dynamic session key based Pairwise Key management scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks. B., Premamayudu; Rao, K. Venkata; Varma, P. Suresh Report 7897
Efficient identity-based generalized ring signcryption scheme. Zhou, Caixue; Cui, Zongmin; Gao, Guangyong Report 10394
Fast video fire detection using luminous smoke and textured flame features. Ince, Ibrahim Furkan; Yildirim, Mustafa Eren; Salman, Yucel Batu; Ince, Omer Faruk; Lee, Geun-Hoo; P Report 7355
Few samples face recognition based on generative score space. Wang, Bin; Wang, Cungang; Zhang, Qian; Huang, Jifeng Report 8988
Generalized joint channel-network coding in asymmetric two-way relay channels. Shen, Shengqiang; Li, Shiyin; Li, Zongyan Report 5598
IOMMU para-virtualization for efficient and secure DMA in virtual machines. Tang, Hongwei; Li, Qiang; Feng, Shengzhong; Zhao, Xiaofang; Jin, Yan Report 10445
New blind steganalysis framework combining image retrieval and outlier detection. Wu, Yunda; Zhang, Tao; Hou, Xiaodan; Xu, Chen Report 6259
Optimal duplex selection for decode and forward relay systems with power allocation. Kwon, Taehoon; Lim, Sungmook Report 5071
Optimal sensing period in cooperative relay cognitive radio networks. Zhang, Shibing; Guo, Xin; Zhang, Xiaoge; Qiu, Gongan Report 5129
Optimized charging in large-scale deployed WSNs with mobile charger. Qin, Zhenquan; Lu, Bingxian; Zhu, Ming; Sun, Liang; Shu, Lei Report 8673
Performance improvement of iterative demodulation and decoding for spatially coupling data transmission by joint sparse graph. Liu, Zhengxuan; Kang, Guixia; Si, Zhongwei; Zhang, Ningbo Report 8449
Provable secure brand-new multi-auction mechanism with dynamic identity. Lee, Jung-San; Wei, Kuo-Jui; Chen, Ying-Chin; Sun, Yun-Hsiang Report 12126
QoS and SLA aware web service composition in cloud environment. Wang, Dandan; Ding, Hao; Yang, Yang; Mi, Zhenqiang; Liu, Li; Xiong, Zenggang Report 7716
QoSCM: QoS-aware coded multicast approach for wireless networks. Mohajer, Amin; Barari, Morteza; Zarrabi, Houman Report 7845
R3: A lightweight reactive ring based routing protocol for wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks. Yu, Sheng; Zhang, Baoxian; Yao, Zheng; Li, Cheng Report 12335
Reservation based resource management for SDN-based UE cloud. Sun, Guolin; Kefyalew, Dawit; Liu, Guisong Report 6915
Saliency detection based on global color distribution and active contour analysis. Hu, Zhengping; Zhang, Zhenbin; Sun, Zhe; Zhao, Shuhuan Report 7871

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