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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (September 1, 2015)

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A hierarchical autonomous system based topology control algorithm in space information network. Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Gengxin; Gou, Liang; Kong, Bo; Bian, Dongming Report 11274
A lightweight detection mechanism against Sybil attack in wireless sensor network. Shi, Wei; Liu, Sanyang; Zhang, Zhaohui Report 3969
A multi-chain based hierarchical topology control algorithm for wireless sensor networks. Tang, Hong; Wang, Hui-Zhu Report 11677
A network load sensitive block placement strategy of HDFS. Meng, Lingjun; Zhao, Wentao; Zhao, Haohao; Ding, Yang Report 8241
A theoretical framework for closeness centralization measurements in a workflow-supported organization. Kim, Min-Joon; Ahn, Hyun; Park, Min-Jae Report 11531
Adaptive selective compressive sensing based signal acquisition oriented toward strong signal noise scene. Wen, Fangqing; Zhang, Gong; Ben, De Report 6332
An Arabic script recognition system. Alginahi, Yasser M.; Mudassar, Mohammed; Kabir, Muhammad Nomani Report 7578
An efficent method of binocular data reconstruction. Rao, YunBo; Ding, Xianshu; Fan, Bojiang Report 5493
An efficient implementation of key frame extraction and sharing in Android for wireless video sensor network. Kim, Kang-Wook Report 6479
Detection for operation chain: histogram equalization and dither-like operation. Chen, Zhipeng; Zhao, Yao; Ni, Rongrong Report 8947
Evaluation of various tone mapping operators for backward compatible JPEG image coding. Choi, Seungcheol; Kwon, Oh-Jin; Jang, Dukhyun; Choi, Seokrim Report 4628
Exact performance analysis of AF based hybrid satellite-terrestrial relay network with co-channel interference. Javed, Umer; He, Di; Liu, Peilin Report 5230
Improving data accuracy using proactive correlated fuzzy system in wireless sensor networks. Barakkath, Nisha U.; Uma, Maheswari N.; Venkatesh, R.; Yasir, Abdullah R. Report 8511
MSCT: an efficient data collection heuristic for wireless sensor networks with limited sensor memory capacity. Karakaya, Murat Report 6961
Non-cooperative interference radio localization with binary proximity sensors. Wu, Qihui; Yue, Liang; Wang, Long; Ding, Guoru Report 6737
Object tracking based on relaxed inverse sparse representation. Zhang, Junxing; Bo, Chunjuan; Tang, Jianbo; Song, Peng Report 6760
Performance analysis of buffer aware scheduling for video services in LTE network. Lin, Meng-Hsien; Chen, Yen-Wen Report 6851
Performance comparison of MISP-based MANET strong DAD protocol. Kim, Sang-Chul Report 12250
Recurrent Ant Colony Optimization for optimal path convergence in Mobile Ad hoc networks. Karmel, A.; Jayakumar, C. Report 7548
Road aware information sharing in VANETs. Song, Wang-Cheol; Rehman, Shafqat Ur; Awan, Muhammad Bilal Report 6243
Robust three-step facial landmark localization under the complicated condition via ASM and POEM. Li, Weisheng; Peng, Lai; Zhou, Lifang Report 4888
Understanding watching patterns of live TV programs on mobile devices: a content centric perspective. Li, Yuheng; Zhao, Qianchuan Report 8411

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