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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (October 1, 2015)

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A flexible network access scheme for M2M communications in heterogeneous wireless networks. Tian, Hui; Xie, Wei; Xu, Youyun; Xu, Kui; Han, Peng Report 9014
A novel jamming detection technique for wireless sensor networks. Vijayakumar, K.P.; Ganeshkumar, P.; Anandaraj, M. Report 13584
A novel spectrum allocation strategy with channel bonding and channel reservation. Jin, Shunfu; Yao, Xinghua; Ma, Zhanyou Report 11548
A receiver-aided seamless and smooth inter-RAT handover at layer-2. Liu, Bin; Song, Rongfang; Hu, Haifeng Report 6644
An efficient revocable group signature scheme in vehicular ad hoc networks. Zhao, Zhen; Chen, Jie; Zhang, Yueyu; Dang, Lanjun Report 8075
Background subtraction for moving cameras based on trajectory-controlled segmentation and label inference. Yin, Xiaoqing; Wang, Bin; Li, Weili; Liu, Yu; Zhang, Maojun Report 4780
Case study for ship ad-hoc networks under a maritime channel model in coastline areas. Su, Xin; Yu, HaiFeng; Chang, KyungHi; Kim, Seung-Geun; Lim, Yong-Kon Case study 4497
Cloud attack detection with intelligent rules. Pradeepthi, K.V.; Kannan, A. Report 6619
Cognitive radio anti-jamming scheme for security provisioning IoT communications. Kim, Sungwook Report 6010
Comics with drama: new communication in Wedia. Hu, Jia-Wen; Tsang, Seng-Su Report 6802
Differential game theoretic approach for distributed dynamic cooperative power control in cognitive radio ad hoc networks. Zhang, Long; Huang, Wei; Wu, Qiwu; Cao, Wenjing Report 8458
Fault-tolerant event detection in wireless sensor networks using evidence theory. Liu, Kezhong; Yang, Tian; Ma, Jie; Cheng, Zhiming Report 7270
Finger vein recognition based on multi-orientation weighted symmetric local graph structure. Dong, Song; Yang, Jucheng; Chen, Yarui; Wang, Chao; Zhang, Xiaoyuan; Park, Dong Sun Report 5602
Global optimization for energy efficient resource management by game based distributed learning in internet of things. Ju, ChunHua; Shao, Qi Report 6428
Joint opportunistic spectrum access and optimal power allocation strategies for full duplex single secondary user MIMO cognitive radio network. Yue, Wenjing; Ren, Yapeng; Yang, Zhen; Chen, Zhi; Meng, Qingmin Report 5608
Low-complexity energy efficient base station cooperation mechanism in LTE networks. Yu, Peng; Feng, Lei; Li, Zifan; Li, Wenjing; Qiu, Xuesong Report 11700
Non-iterative threshold based recovery algorithm (NITRA) for compressively sensed images and videos. Poovathy, J. Florence Gnana; Radha, S. Report 7046
Opportunistic spectrum access with discrete feedback in unknown and dynamic environment: a multi-agent learning approach. Gao, Zhan; Chen, Junhong; Xu, Yuhua Report 7348
Optimal provider mobility in large-scale named-data networking. Do, Truong-Xuan; Kim, Younghan Report 6684
Performance analysis of IDF relaying M2M cooperative networks over N-Nakagami fading channels. Xu, Lingwei; Zhang, Hao; Gulliver, T. Aaron Report 5155
Power allocation for opportunistic full-duplex based relay selection in cooperative systems. Zhong, Bin; Zhang, Dandan; Zhang, Zhongshan Report 4320
Prediction-based routing methods in opportunistic networks. Zhang, Sanfeng; Huang, Di; Li, Yin Report 7503
QoE-driven joint resource allocation and user-paring in virtual MIMO SC-FDMA systems. Hu, YaHui; Ci, Song Report 7650
Scalable coding of depth images with synthesis-guided edge detection. Zhao, Lijun; Wang, Anhong; Zeng, Bing; Jin, Jian Report 5659
Separation of text and non-text in document layout analysis using a recursive filter. Tran, Tuan-Anh; Na, In-Seop; Kim, Soo-Hyung Report 7398
Slotted ALOHA based greedy relay selection in large-scale wireless networks. Ouyang, Fengchen; Ge, Jianhua; Gong, Fengkui Report 8159
Supplementary event-listener injection attack in smart phones. Hidhaya, S. Fouzul; Geetha, Angelina; Kumar, B. Nandha; Sravanth, Loganathan Venkat; Habeeb, A. Report 4658

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