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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (November 1, 2015)

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A novel recognition algorithm based on holder coefficient theory and interval gray relation classifier. Li, Jingchao Report 4527
A security model based on reputation and collaboration through route-request in Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Anand, Anjali; Rani, Rinkle; Aggarwal, Himanshu Report 6533
A two level detection of routing layer attacks in hierarchical wireless sensor networks using learning based energy prediction. Katiravan, Jeevaa; N., Duraipandian; N., Dharini Report 5278
Adaptive application component mapping for parallel computation offloading in variable environments. Fan, Wenhao; Liu, Yuan'an; Tang, Bihua Report 8858
Base station placement for wireless sensor network positioning system via lexicographical stratified programming. Yan, Jun; Yu, Kegen Report 4990
Buffer-based adaptive bitrate algorithm for streaming over HTTP. Rahman, Waqas ur; Chung, Kwangsue Report 6932
Chaotic features for dynamic textures recognition with group sparsity representation. Luo, Xinbin; Fu, Shan; Wang, Yong Report 6486
Content distribution for 5G systems based on distributed cloud service network architecture. Jiang, Lirong; Feng, Gang; Qin, Shuang Report 10615
Cooperative and competitive effect in heterogeneous networks of healthcare system. Liu, Xiaoshuang; Kang, Guixia; Zhang, Ningbo; Guo, Yanyan Report 5674
Dynamic access and power control scheme for interference mitigation in femtocell networks. Ahmed, Mujeeb; Yoon, Sung-Guk Report 6279
Efficient anonymous broadcast encryption with adaptive security. Zhou, Fu-Cai; Lin, Mu-Qing; Zhou, Yang; Li, Yu-Xi Report 10405
ENC-MAC: energy-efficient non-overlapping channel MAC for cognitive radio enabled sensor networks. Kim, Bosung; Kim, Kwangsoo; Roh, Byeong-hee Report 9115
Energy efficiency resource allocation for MIMO cognitive radio with multiple antenna spectrum sensing. Ning, Bing; Yang, Shouyi; Mu, Xiaomin; Lu, Yanhui; Hao, Wanming Report 6363
Image deblurring via adaptive proximal conjugate gradient method. Pan, Han; Jing, Zhongliang; Li, Minzhe; Dong, Peng Report 7818
Implementation of a network provisioning system with user-driven and trusty protection management. Lim, H. Report 7441
Local similarity based discriminant analysis for face recognition. Xiang, Xinguang; Liu, Fan; Bi, Ye; Wang, Yanfang; Tang, Jinhui Report 7434
Modeling and performance analysis of MAC protocol for WBAN with finite buffer. Shu, Minglei; Yuan, Dongfeng; Chen, Changfang; Wang, Yinglong; Zhang, Chongqing Report 5868
New approach for detecting leakage of internal information; using emotional recognition technology. Lee, Ho-Jae; Park, Min-Woo; Eom, Jung-Ho; Chung, Tai-Myoung Report 6104
Object cataloging using heterogeneous local features for image retrieval. Islam, Mohammad Khairul; Jahan, Farah; Baek, Joong Hwan Report 5951
Outage performance for DF two-way relaying with co-channel interference over Nakagami-m fading. Fan, Jinhong; Yuan, Chaowei Report 4212
Rate adaptation for HTTP video streaming to improve the QoE in multi-client environments. Yun, Dooyeol; Chung, Kwangsue Report 4305
Robust cooperative relay beamforming design for security. Gong, Xiangwu; Dong, Feihong; Li, Hongjun; Shao, Wei Report 6777
Secrecy performances of multicast underlay cognitive protocols with partial relay selection and without eavesdropper's information. Duy, Tran Trung; Son, Pham Ngoc Report 6152
Topology-based workflow scheduling in commercial clouds. Ji, Haoran; Bao, Weidong; Zhu, Xiaomin; Xiao, Wenhua Report 8246
Traffic offloading in two-tier multi-mode small cell networks over unlicensed bands: a hierarchical learning framework. Sun, Youming; Shao, Hongxiang; Liu, Xin; Zhang, Jian; Qiu, Junfei; Xu, Yuhua Report 7499
Two-step scheduling scheme to support fairness and QoS in DVB-S2 system. Park, ManKyu; Kang, DongBae; Oh, DeockGil Report 5398

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