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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (August 1, 2015)

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A game theoretic analysis of public goods allocation in p2p networks. Zhang, Qingfeng; Wang, Sheng; Liao, Dan Report 8009
A GraphML-based visualization framework for workflow-performers' closeness centrality measurements. Kim, Min-Joon; Ahn, Hyun; Park, Minjae Report 6055
A lossless data hiding scheme for VQ indexes based on joint neighboring coding. Rudder, Andrew; Kieu, The Duc Report 12717
A synchronization scheme for hierarchical video streams over heterogeneous networks. Sohn, Yejin; Cho, Minju; Seo, Minjae; Paik, Jongho Report 5150
Adaptive cloud offloading of augmented reality applications on smart devices for minimum energy consumption. Chung, Jong-Moon; Park, Yong-Suk; Park, Jong-Hong; Cho, Hyoung Jun Report 5843
Adaptive power control using large scale antenna of the massive MIMO system in the mobile communication. Ha, Chang-Bin; Jang, Byung-Jun; Song, Hyoung-Kyu Report 3615
Agile adoption in IT organizations. Ghani, Imran; Bello, Mannir Report 5556
An efficient design and implementation of an MdBULPS in a cloud-computing environment. Kim, Myoungjin; Cui, Yun; Lee, Hanku Report 7993
An empirical analysis of smart signage and its market delimitation. Kim, Hang Sub; Lee, Bong Gyou Report 7100
An improved approach for 3D hand pose estimation based on a single depth image and Haar random forest. Kim, Wonggi; Chun, Junchul Report 4058
Automated detection of cattle mounting using side-view camera. Chung, Yongwha; Choi, Dongwhee; Choi, Heesu; Park, Daihee; Chang, Hong-Hee; Kim, Suk Report 5184
Comparing machine learning classifiers for movie WOM opinion mining. Kim, Yoosin; Kwon, Do Young; Jeong, Seung Ryul Movie review 5732
Cooperative spectrum sensing for cognitive radio networks with limited reporting. So, Jaewoo Report 7437
Crowd activity recognition using optical flow orientation distribution. Kim, Jinpyung; Jang, Gyujin; Kim, Gyujin; Kim, Moon-Hyun Report 6560
Downlink signal measurement algorithm for WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+. Kwon, Bit-Na; Lee, Eui-Hak; Hong, Dae-Ki; Kang, Sung-Jin; Kang, Min-Goo; Song, Hyoung-Kyu Report 4177
Estimation of the demand function of the information and communication construction business. Kwak, Jeong Ho; Lee, Jemin Justin; Lee, Han-Joo; Lee, Bong Gyou Report 3258
Genetic algorithm based resource management for cognitive mesh networks with real-time and non-real-time services. Shan, Hangguan; Ye, Ziyun; Bi, Yuanguo; Huang, Aiping Report 10359
Intelligent approach for Android malware detection. Abdulla, Shubair; Altaher, Altyeb Report 8096
Interference management by vertical beam control combined with coordinated pilot assignment and power allocation in 3D massive MIMO systems. Zhang, Guomei; Wang, Bing; Li, Guobing; Xiang, Fei; Lv, Gangming Report 8669
Internet information orientation: the link to national competitiveness on Internet. Song, In Kuk; Kang, Mingoo Report 4654
Investigating the use of multiple social networking services: a cross-cultural perspective in the United States and Korea. Kang, Hannah; Pang, Saraphine Shiping; Choi, Sejung Marina Report 9806
Learning based relay selection for reliable content distribution in smart class application. Kim, Taehong Report 7127
Maximum ratio transmission for space-polarization division multiple access in dual-polarized MIMO system. Hong, Jun-Ki; Jo, Han-Shin; Mun, Cheol; Yook, Jong-Gwan Report 4622
Minimizing energy consumption in scheduling of dependent tasks using genetic algorithm in computational grid. Kaiwartya, Omprakash; Prakash, Shiv; Abdullah, Abdul Hanan; Hassan, Ahmed Nazar Report 7894
Modeling and evaluating information diffusion for spam detection in microblogging networks. Chen, Kan; Zhu, Peidong; Chen, Liang; Xiong, Yueshan Report 9213
Modified adaptive Gaussian filter for removal of salt and pepper noise. Li, Zuoyong; Tang, Kezong; Cheng, Yong; Chen, Xiaobo; Zhou, Chongbo Report 7786
OQMCAR: an enhanced network coding-aware routing algorithm based on queue state and local topology. Lu, Cunbo; Xiao, Song; Miao, Yinbin Report 8379
Performance evaluation of a smart CoAP gateway for remote home safety services. Kim, Hyun-Sik; Seo, Jong-Su; Seo, Jeongwook Report 3661
Robust capacity planning in network coding under demand uncertainty. Ghasvari, Hossien; Raayatpanah, Mohammad Ali Report 4811
Single-phase energy metering chip with built-in calibration function. Lee, Youn-Sung; Seo, Jeongwook; Wee, Jungwook; Kang, Mingoo; Kim, Dong Ku Report 5909
Study of data placement schemes for SNS services in cloud environment. Chen, Yen-Wen; Lin, Meng-Hsien; Wu, Min-Yan Report 4295

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