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Articles from KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (February 1, 2014)

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A design of architecture for federating between NRNs and determination optimal path. Park, Jinhyung; Cho, Hyunhun; Lee, Wonhyuk; Kim, Seunghae; Yun, Byoung-Ju Report 3459
A design of matching engine for a practical query-by-singing/humming system with polyphonic recordings. Lee, Seok-Pil; Yoo, Hoon; Jang, Dalwon Report 5356
A leakage-based solution for interference alignment in MIMO interference channel networks. Shrestha, Robin; Bae, Insan; Kim, Jae Moung Report 7424
A minimum energy consuming mobile device relay scheme for reliable QoS support. Chung, Jong-Moon; Kim, Chang Hyun; Lee, Daeyoung Report 5466
A new emergency-handling mechanism based on IEEE 802.15.4 for health-monitoring applications. Ranjit, Jay Shree; Pudasaini, Subodh; Shin, Seokjoo Report 6401
A new green clustering algorithm for energy efficiency in high-density WLANs. Lu, Yang; Tan, Xuezhi; Mo, Yun; Ma, Lin Report 11622
A wind turbine fault detection approach based on cluster analysis and frequent pattern mining. Elijorde, Frank; Kim, Sungho; Lee, Jaewan Report 5533
An improved joint detection of frame, integer frequency offset, and spectral inversion for digital radio mondiale plus. Kim, Seong-Jun; Park, Kyung-Won; Lee, Kyung-Taek; Choi, Hyung-Jin Report 5167
Approximate detection method for image up-sampling. Tu, Ching-Ting; Lin, Hwei-Jen; Yang, Fu-Wen; Chang, Hsiao-Wei Report 8763
Business intelligence and marketing insights in an era of big data: the Q-sorting approach. Kim, Ki Youn Report 7535
Development of indicators for information security level assessment of VoIP service providers. Yoon, Seokung; Park, Haeryong; Yoo, Hyeong Seon Report 4096
Emerging Internet technology & Service toward Korean Government 3.0. Song, In Kuk Author abstract 1649
FTCARP: a fault-tolerant routing protocol for cognitive radio ad hoc networks. Che-aron, Zamree; Abdalla, Aisha Hassan; Abdullah, Khaizuran; Rahman, Arafatur Report 5760
Geometric multiple watermarking scheme for mobile 3D content based on anonymous buyer-seller watermarking protocol. Lee, Suk-Hwan; Kwon, Seong-Geun; Kwon, Ki-Ryong Report 8117
Human action recognition using pyramid histograms of oriented gradients and collaborative multi-task learning. Gao, Zan; Zhang, Hua; Liu, An-An; Xue, Yan-bing; Xu, Guang-ping Report 10326
Integrating Software Security into Agile-Scrum method. Ghani, Imran; Azham, Zulkarnain; Jeong, Seung Ryul Report 6646
Intelligent u-learning and research environment for computational science on mobile device. Park, Sun-Rae; Jin, Duseok; Lee, Jongsuk Ruth; Cho, Kum Won; Lee, Kyu-Chul Report 4693
Inter-category map: building cognition network of general customers through big data mining. Song, Gil-Young; Cheon, Youngjoon; Lee, Kihwang; Park, Kyung Min; Rim, Hae-Chang Report 7974
Load-balanced one-hop overlay multipath routing with path diversity. Liao, Jianxin; Tian, Shengwen; Wang, Jingyu; Li, Tonghong; Qi, Qi Report 7860
Modeling, discovering, and visualizing workflow performer-role affiliation networking knowledge. Kim, Haksung; Ahn, Hyun; Kim, Kwanghoon Pio Report 7605
Opportunistic multiple relay selection for two-way relay networks with outdated channel state information. Lou, Sijia; Yang, Longxiang Report 5229
Secret key generation using reciprocity in Ultra-wideband outdoor wireless channels. Huang, Jing jing; Jiang, Ting Report 5868
Social incentives for cooperative spectrum sensing in distributed cognitive radio networks. Feng, Jingyu; Lu, Guangyue; Min, Xiangcen Report 6610
The survival of paid broadcasting channels in Korea, 1993-2010. Kwak, Kyu Tae; Song, Kyung Hee; Park, Soo Kyung; Lee, Bong Gyou Report 10189

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